Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lodi Show

So Joel and I will be doing the Lodi show this weekend.

Since I haven't been as active as I had been before, I will be much more photo inclined this weekend to get myself back in the groove.

It should be a good time, as this is a show being put on by a friend, and although it is a 6 hour trip for us, it will be good to get away and do some snake stuff.

Here's to getting back into snake stuff.

Hopefully there are some of you out there that can stop by and say Hi!

Until then, have a great week, my friends!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Never thought this would happen...

Well, something happened that was so blog worthy I had to write it up!

A few weeks ago, I was out driving my car in an area close to a reptile store that I have been friends with for years.

Let us note first that

A: I was driving by myself
B: My windows were down
C: It was a beautiful day, and I had just had lunch with a friend.
D: I was on my way home on a high traffic road, trying to get on the Freeway.
E: My license plate says "P Regius", which I have only had reptile people and curious co-workers ask about. (Side note: I got a ticket once from a Cop who thought it said "Precious", and wrote it as my plate)

Got it?

So here I am, pulled over in the left lane, waiting to turn left, listening to music, windows down, jamming with my bad self.

All of a sudden, I hear "Excuse me!"

I look around, and a car is pulled up to the right of me (as traffic is supposed to be proceeding) with the window down.

A gentlemen is leaning out of the window and asks me "What does your license plate mean?"

Now please remember, this is in the middle of a high traffic area, and he should be driving forward. The light finally turned red, and he didn't need to, but he had at least three car lengths in front of him to get to the light line.

I am taken aback by his question, but I answer (yelling across my passenger seat, and thru my window). "It is the scientific name of Ball Python"

He gets super excited, and pulls from his passenger seat a deli cup with a Bumblebee Ball Python in it. "I know! I just picked this bumblebee up. I teach genetics at the local college." The cup has been tilted literally 90 degrees, making the snake and the sanichips in it tumble in the cup like a rollercoaster.

I tell him "That's great!" and note to myself that I didn't know that the reptile store had Bumblebees.. I may have to go and see what they have...

He then proceeds to ask me what I know about Ball Pythons. 
"I'm a Breeder", I say. 
"Oh really? What's your name?"
 ".... My business name is Heather's Herps, you can find me online"
"Do you have a number?"
"It's on the website"
"Okay, cool!"

At this point, my light has been green for at least thirty seconds... I look up, and wave goodbye, and drive off.

Never in a million years did I expect all of that to happen.

I'm super glad people are so excited about Ball Pythons enough to stop a complete stranger in her car to tell her about it. That was actually refreshing...

The rest? Not so much. I'm suprised he didn't cause an accident.

So lesson to be learned today?

There are people all over that are super excited about the same things you are. And sometimes it takes that kind of excitement to remind you of how cool things can be.

Have a great day, my friends!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Musings about making things for the Web

Drawing from "The Oatmeal", I wanted to put this out there.

It has been several months since I have contributed anything worth reading on the blog.

But I just read this online, and it sums things up pretty reasonably for me.

I feel like I have contributed a lot over the years, but have come to standstill in regards to what is worth writing about and or posting up.

So I stopped.

This comic has a lot of my feelings, mashed up into something that is way more creative than I ever could have done.