Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend? What Weekend?

This weekend was spent fixing the snake room some more.

Let me tell you that owning racks that are open and subject to attacks by the food items that escape for a few hours does not allow for much sanity.

I finished revamping the Vision Racks that I have in the room with new heat cable, and everything is 100% hunky-dory now.

It took a lot of man (woman) power to move everything around, get behind things, pull cords off, replace them accordingly and so on.

And let me tell you... For some reason, rats enjoy chewing wires.

Specifically heat cable.

I had no idea... Maybe my cables were coated with sugar or something, but I replaced a good few of them due to chew marks as well as bends that broke thru the cord covers.

Granted, these racks have been in use over the years, and do not have easy access to the general view, but geeze...

I have wired them now so that these issues should not arise anymore, albeit part of the reason it even comes up is due to renegade rodents.

But, I find them eventually.. Or Kona does.

No worries.

So for you out there interested in Vision Rack Systems, know that they are easily manipulated by you and other sources.

Be aware!

Anyway, this weekend was cleaning and fixing weekend, with some other stuff thrown into the mix. We went up to visit some friends up north, as well as did some wedding stuff, so I am rather tired and not ready for the week to begin... But it must.

Later today I will finish cleaning, as well as hopefully do some feedings and photos in the near future.

So with that, I say, be aware! And have a fantastic day, my friends

Friday, February 25, 2011


 Well, I have been trying to get some of the locks I've been seeing on film for you all. This one really made me smile. 

This is the Pastel Super Mojave male with my Pewter female. 
Yeah. It's going to be a good clutch. 

I am really very excited about this pairing.

 And of course, he has no problem with showing off. 

But that's alright... He is beautiful and he knows it.

And another pairing that makes me smile.

This is one of my Pastel females with the Mojave Spider male. 

I can't wait for the Mojo-bees. Buzzzzzz.

 And last but not least, and actually in this picture not accomplishing anything, is my Silver Bullet male with a Pastel female. Should be a good bunch of Pewters and Sterlings out of this group. The female was glowing, so I wanted to get someone in there to work his magic. 


Anyway, have a fantastic weekend, my friends. I know I will!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What to look for

My friend, Jackie, asked me this question in the comments a few days ago, and I think this is the perfect time to answer, as I'm sure plenty of people are wondering, and the breeding season is upon us!

"So what are the signs that they're getting ready to ovulate? Are there any signs I should be keeping an eye out for? And when exactly do I need to stop pairing her? I've been rotating her between the black pastel boy and the het pied boy, with emphasis on the black pastel... but will she start rejecting them at a certain point? Is an ovulating female a possible menace to her boyfriends"

Alright, Jackie!

Here we go.

Signs she is getting ready to ovulate:

Glowing -

If your female starts looking like another animal, or is getting to look hypo-ish, she is glowing. Sometimes this is extremely dramatic, and sometimes it isn't. But look for a color change.
If she is brighter, bigger, fatter, happier, etc (and this is true of human women too), know that something is going on!

Pre-ovulation shed -

Look for a shed. Any shed that happens during or after she is glowing is a good sign that this is the pre-ovulation shed. If she hasn't hooked up with a male yet, you should put him in NOW and pray that they get it on in time.

When to stop?

Whenever you feel like it may be time. Usually if you catch the ovulation, that is a good time to think to yourself, Hey, breeding may not be worth it anymore. If she gets fatter, chunkier, and refuses food and male advances (which she will!), that is a good sign it's not worth it to continue introducing a male. But if you have ANY doubts, it may be worth it to continue until you see a sign of something.

You need to be one with your snakes. Ohm.

Is an ovulating female a possible menace to a male?

Well, yes and no. An ovulating female in snakes is not like those stereotypical human females that ovulate and go haywire as some people seem to think... There is no harm in a female ovulating while still in with a male, but the male will be ignored and possibly pushed around or sat on. This is the biggest concern, as with a big female versus a yearling/younger male, the male will loose. Can he be killed? In a freak accident, yes. But more than anything, he will just get put in a corner, or under a water dish. So don't worry too much, but if you know the female doesn't need the male, just take him out. It's better for both the female and the male.

I hope that helps, and with a few more photographs to take, I will try and catalog the glow and ovulations that I will see.

Shoot me more questions, and have a great day, my friends!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late but here!

Today I had a test. Yes, I had a test.

What on?

Well, I'm making a career change, so I am back in school, and I took a test this morning on Anatomy and Physiology.


No, actually, it is very interesting, and honestly a bit refreshing to be able to get back into the intellectual side of things, which is not to say being a Chemist isn't. But, without having to deal with office politics and other things that come with a 8-5 job, it is nice to have a change of pace, and this is absolutely a change from before.

So being a student again, my free time is being taken up by studying about skin, bones, and various tissues.


But this is not to say that I will be shirking the blog often, it just means that the timing may not be exactly at 6AM as it had been.

So, let me tell you what is happening in the snake room.

Relatively little.

Breedings are sparse, animals are somewhat interested, but it's actually been a rather uneventful week in terms of things.

I really do blame it on the weather here in Southern California, which has been a deluge of RANDOM.

We had a rain storm this past weekend, with a week before that of 80 degree weather.

So what does that mean for me here, breeding snakes?

Means that the snakes are not completely sure what the heck is going on... Actually, that may be an over-exaggeration, with a bit of personification thrown into the mix.

So with that being said, I am going to get a few shots of SOMETHING interesting to color up the blog this week. I have really been lacking in photos. I have really just been lacking.

It's a shame, and I apologize.

But I've also been doing that a lot recently too.

But as with life changes, this is the way that we as humans cope, change, and grow.

So grow with me, my friends.

Have a fantastic evening, and know that tomorrow morning, there will be SOMETHING up for you to enjoy.


I promise.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Pastels? Yes!

 This was supposed to end out the week last week, and I didn't get to it, so here we are. 

Above, we have a Super Pewter (Super Pastel Super Cinnamon), my only gal, and a Super Pastel!

Below, we have a Silver Bullet, a Pastel Super Cinnamon. 

With these animals, I have to say that it is very obvious that there is a bit extra going on in the Super Pastel section of the combination.

As you can see above, the Super Pewter is SILVER. Very silver. 
And the Silver Bullet is more of a mottled darker grey. 

These animals are only a few months apart in age, so the color difference is striking without involving age difference.

With just adding another pastel element to this morph, it brings the color to a whole other level.

I have to say, it is very obvious, although given a year or so, we will revisit these critters to see what the heck they look like and if they have such a striking difference in color then. 

So again, what to take from this?

Super Pewters and Silver Bullets are awesome. 
Also, if you want a brightening element to a morph, Super Pastel-ling it would be a good idea. 

Of course, as we touched on before, other highlighter morphs are also worthwhile to integrate, such as Fires, Vanillas, etc...

But Pastels, being a base morph that is easily accessible, I suggest starting there for those who are beginning out.

Pastels make most things awesome. 
Super Pastels make most things even more awesome.

How can you go wrong?

Have a great day, my friends!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Heating up

I realize I fell off the map on Friday, and I apologize.

My mother came into town, and that kinda took my mind off of snakes, to the point where I also forgot about the blog.


And yesterday, with some help from some good friends, the snake room is clean, the snakes are accounted for, racks are somewhat rearranged, and I am back to a point of peace in the snake room (for the time being... Oh wait, look, something to clean...).

And while we were cleaning and talking and having a good ole' time, I am pleased to announce that we have had some build-ups to ovulations already!

Here they are...

 This is very similar to last years attempts to take photos of the ovulations, and this is the same difficulty that I was having last year.

Take a look at her mid-area, more towards the vent. 

Can you see the lumpy area? Her stomach is distended. 

These photos portray it a bit better. You can see where the belly area is lifted and fatter than the rest of the body...

That my friends, is an build to an ovulation. A small one, and I either missed the big blow or will see it in a few hours/days, but there it is. 

And of course, this was unexpected, as I hadn't started as early as I usually do... This gal was bred to the Pastel Lesser, and it feels like a good four or five eggs. 

This gal has the same paunch, and she is getting ready to blow. This gal is a possible het TSK Axanthic, and she was bred to the Axanthic het Albino. Come on, baby! Prove out!

And you've heard of the phrase "Glow before they go?" Well, this gal is surely glowing with her boyfriend, the Mystic. Let's hope that she has had enough Mystic to get some babies. I never caught them locked, so I am really just hoping for the best at this point... PLEASE!!!

So yeah, I am off to do a few more things in the snake room, and hopefully get a few more photos of critters to share this week. 
Happy President's Day!!!

Have a great day, my friends.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm taking a break from Pastels for today because I realize I am being somewhat descriminatory.

I am not sharing anything other than Pastels with you guys.

Now, this is not to say that Pastels are my favorite morph.

To be honest with you all out there, I don't even really know what my favorite morph is....

So the question really is, what is your favorite?

Out there in internet blog reading land, I need to know, what is your favorite base morph?

I am only doing Pastels at this moment because I have a bunch of combinations with them, and I think they do great things for a lot of things. I want to branch out. I know I've touched on dark morphs, and pattern morphs, but I feel like I keep rounding about the same things.

What do you want to see?

As I have been preaching all week, and also in the YouTube video, Pastels are fantastic, but I know there are people out there that don't particularly like them. Most people have them, so people want to know about them, and I do intend to continue with my Pastel/Super Pastel teachings for tomorrow with one more pair.

As a breeder, I find I have wandering tastes... Some days I heart my darker morphs, and other days I can't take my eyes off of the patternless white things.

This, as I have shared before, makes life a bit harder to deal with when breeding season comes along, as I have NO set wants for what to produce, cause everything is pretty damned cool.

So yes, I am open-minded. To a fault, some days...

But that is alright. The snakes still breed, things still hatch out, life is still a fantastic thing to enjoy.

And Pastels still rock.

But so do most all morphs!

So again, we come full-circle. I am conflicted because I don't want to ignore those little morphies in my collection that I forget people want to see, and I keep going to what I know people can appreciate.

So you tell me, friends...


Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pewters and Sterlings

Ahh yes, the Pewter. 

Cinnamon Pastel and Pastel all rolled up into one. 

Wait, WHAT?
All this Pastel stuff is giving me a headache, you say. 
How can a Cinnamon also be a Pastel?
Well, before you continue (if you are confused), please read this.

Welcome back.

Yes, Cinnamon x Pastel.

Let us continue.

Pewters are awesome, and Black Pewters (Black Pastel x Pastel) are also awesome. 
But let us focus on the Cinnamon Pewters, as these are the ones in the photos. 

Take a good look at this Pewter. 

You see how it looks?

It's pretty, isn't it?

A nice blushed out back, with lots of beautiful squiggles of yellow and gold, topped off with some nice mauve, copper and taupe tones. 

Fancy, huh?

This is what the beauty of snakes does to me. Gets me all artistic.

 Of course, this lovely creature is fantastic in its own right, but what about if we took a look at a Sterling.

A Sterling being a Pastel Pewter (which is kind of redundant in a way...)

Pastel x Pastel x Cinnamon

That makes more sense. 


This guy grew up SILVER, even in adulthood. I'm sure he was even more strikingly silver as a baby, but compared to a regular pewter, these colors are unmistakably different! 
Let us attempt to artistically describe this guy.

A completely striped back of silver tone, complimented by bright yellow sides with additional blushing, and squiggles that are a nice blond if you will. The silver shades are complimented by some darker shades of grey.


And of course, all of this to say what, Heather?

Pastels do great things... 

Super Pastels make things more interesting to say the least. 

From the base morph into the combinations, Pastels are awesome. 
Can you imagine what else can be done with other base morphs that haven't been out as long as Pastels have been?


The possibilities!!

I get giddy just thinking about it, my friends. 
I really do. 

And I hope you do too. 

Have a FANTASTIC day, my friends!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pastels and Super Pastels in combos

Let us continue from yesterday by touching on a similar topic, one which I actually intended to combine, but decdiee against to allow for more subject matter. 

Pastels and Super Pastels in Combinations. 

Now in this case, I only took out the Pastel and Super Pastel Lessers. These guys are tougher than just Pastels because the Lesser element of the combination allows for blushing like crazy and a very light over all color to begin with.   

Take a look at these guys. 
You, being an avid blog reader, know these two from previous pictures. 

But have you seen them together?

Now you have. 

The one on the left is the Pastel Lesser, which I recall more people saying that they liked, and the one on the right is the Super Pastel Lesser. 

Now let us touch on the overall color. 
The Pastel Lesser is a brighter animal overall due to it's contrast. There is more dramatic black to yellow, and therefore appealing to most people.

The Super Pastel Lesser is a bright animal, but has lighter tones of mauve to purple, with the occasional grey tone, but no black anymore. It loosk more "washed out" as some would say. 
Does this make it ugly? NOT A CHANCE.

Here is a closer picture of the two. You can see that the Super Pastel basically washes the black into brightness, while the Pastel keeps it there in the pattern. The blushing in the Super is again, much more pronounced, and the over all color is brighter, almost hypo (ghost-like).

And the head colors? 

Well, same as any Super Pastel. 

White with the X. Can you see it above? 
Yep! There it is. It's there in all Super Pastels. 

And of course, what is a comparison blog with out a comparison shot?

Here we have the Pastel Lesser's head shot. The white section is there, but it is not white, nor is the cross defined. Compared to a normal pastel, however, this animal has the lighter head, so be aware that combinations of morphs, especially those with lighter tendancies may render the "white head rule" defunct. 

Examples are Fires, Vanillas, etc...

So there you go, my friends. 

I hope you enjoyed this series on Super Pastels and Pastels. 

I had a fun time shooting it. 

I will do it again real soon, I promise.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Pastels and Not-so-Supers

I could have done a video on this, but I didn't really have enough time this weekend to do it, so I did it blog style... Which is not to say that it won't be translated into one later on. 

But this is easier for me to do, so here we go... 

 Let's go over the general rules of Pastels. 

Above, we have one of my Pastel het for Pied gals, but she was the same size as the Supers, so we will go with it. 

First rule: Yellow. 
Second rule: Black.
Third rule: Light head, blushing over the sides. 
NOTE: They do NOT have to have green eyes. Lighter eyes, yes. Green specifically? No. 

Now let us touch on Super Pastels.

This gal is one of my holdbacks from this year as well. 

First rule: EXTRA Yellow.
Second rule: Not so much black, and plenty of blushing.
Third rule: WHITE head. Do you see it in this picture? 
Yes... White to very light grey when babies.

This changes as the animal grows. This is the easy part of identifying Supers and Regulars is when they are hatchlings.

This is another Super. You notice the white head? Yes... Not quite white, but pretty darn close. MUCH brighter yellows, and not so much black, but much more blushing and flames. 

 Now let us approach this from an adult stand point. 

Yes, in general, when babies get bigger, they tend to grow into different colors. They get darker overall, while the whites and blushing in the pattern tend to darken up slightly, making it not as dramatic. 

Note the female on the left. This gal is over a year old, and she is a Super.
She is indeed a Super, and there is no question.

But Heather, you say, this looks NOTHING like that female above! 

Agreed. But remember, this gal has a good 12 months on the other gal. 

Let us go over the rules for an Adult Super. 

First rule: YELLOW, but not so dramatic as when she was a baby. 
Second rule: BLUSHING. Lots of it. You can still see it. It's not as dramatic again, but this is a good indicator. 
Third rule:  Light head, but it is no longer white. It's still light with the star pattern, but not WHITE.

Can you see it?

Let us look at an Adult Pastel. 

You can already see the differences in color. 

She is darker, but still yellow. Less blushing, more black, and the color is a lot less intense in general. 

Note the eyes. Yes, this gal has green ones.
Most pastels do have green ones.

Isn't she pretty?
And yes, her head. 
This photo was taken specifically for the head color.

It is lacking in the star pattern, as well as the lighter colors that we would have seen. It is light, and yes, you will see that this is characteristic of Pastels in general. Lighter heads. 


And here they are next to each other. 
Yes, that is the same Pastel from above, and the same Super Pastel from above her. 

This is the color differentiation you would see from above.

And this is a side view of these gals. You can see more of the yellow in the Pastel this way, and the Super still is very distinguishable from the Pastel.  In this photo, you can see the blushing and black contrast that I have been mentioning. The blushing is very indicative of the Super, while there is some on the Pastel, it is not a lot.

And once more, I have taken head photos. 
Which one is which?

First one is the Super, the other was the Pastel.

 So I hope this helps those of you that are confused, that need some guidance about Super Pastels and regular Pastels. 

 Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Share the love on this Valentine's Day!

 Have a great one!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I feel like I've been doing this break thing alot recently, and I apologize.

I have had a lot of revamping to do in the past week or so, and the blog has been somewhat put to the side.

I will return with vengeance on Monday with a video to make up for it.

Until then, bear with me, and have a great weekend, my friends.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


There are plenty of times in life where you run into a bunch of frustrations..

And I am in the middle of it.

Here we have the heat cords that I had to purchase to replace the heat cords that either went dead (cold) and/or got chewed up by a renegade rat.

Now I need to go into the room and move everything around to get the new heat cords working, as well as moving the animals around themselves. ARGH!

These are the days I am reminded how much I love my critters, cause some days it is a lot of work!

And on top of that, I am not getting much in terms of locks right now, which concerns me for the season. I'm going to be moving the males around to see if something else picks up, but right now, I'm a little worried.

Above is the only lock I caught while with the camera. Black Pastel and Spider Mojave...

But there is always a good thing to look forward to in all of this.

I got to play with my Balls.


And I took a photos of a new pair of animals I've had hiding.

You know how I always talk about the power of double hets?
Well, here is a new pair that I have.

What are they?

Double het VPI Axanthic Pieds.


Thanks to Sam at GBU Enterprises for these beauties!

Male on the left, female on the right. Yeah, they look normal, but OH THE POSSIBILITIES!
I'm excited.

It's stuff like this and the feelings I get that get me thru some of the days of frustration.

So when in doubt, when things are getting you down, play with your Balls.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Market Analysis

Bryan asked:

"Heather, I'd like to hear about where you think the market is going, what things always sell and what you see becoming increasingly popular to work with. If someone was to have say either a $1000 or $5000 to invest in new animals, where would you put it" 

Well... This is a very interesting question, and I have to say that this answer is of course, from personal experience. 
Here we go. 

Things that will always sell?

Albinos and Lavendar Albinos. Pieds. Pastels. Mojaves/Lessers/Butters.

These morphs are always something that even Joe Blow wants to buy, because they are different, as well as look really cool with a decent price tag. Note that these are all under $1000 at this point, and yes, that seems to really help with the people who are not particularly into it other than to have a cool pet. 
Granted it is much easier to sell females of any morph than males, this is still the case.

What is becoming increasingly popular to work with?

Enchis, Mojaves/Lessers/Butters, Deserts, Pieds, Recessive Combinations. 

Enchis and Deserts are becoming more popular due to the combinations that they have been making, and the initial cost of them is becoming more reasonable. 

Mojaves and the BEL complex morphs are becoming overly in demand for the same reason. People can combine them into everything, and the demand is up. I want to make a point that this is not true of the Het Russos/Het White Diamond, which do not have enough distinguishing characteristics from a normal for most people to take them seriously.

Pieds are the most awe inspiring morphs for most people, and they want to combine them into everything. Again, same thing as the BEL makers, people want them to make more of them. This also segways into the recessive combinations, as Pieds combined with everything else is awesome, and combinations of het stuff is always a great way to go, although a bit more difficult to sell depending on who you are (aka your trustworthiness). 

Now if you have $1000 to invest? I would say get a recessive female or a co-dominant het for something female. Grow her up, get her big, and get a male in a year. (Save up for the male!)

If you have $5000 to invest? I'd suggest getting a few females on the lower end, and get a Desert male combination. That is the one morph I do not have and I regret not having. I see a lot of demand in it, granted not something I have any experience in selling, so I can't tell you how quickly they sell, but there seems to be a lot of interest in them.

Another way to go is get some of something newly recessive, maybe a Lavendar Albino male visual and a few het females.  

Or you can go big and get a double super female and grow her up and breed her to something awesome later down the line...

There are a ton of ways to do things, but I am all about recessives as a first pick up, as it is easier to get things done when you already have a few years invested in a legitimate het female.

So there you go, my friends. I hope this helps, and maybe you guys have any specific suggestions to Bryan out there as well? What do you think?

Have a great day, my friends.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What makes a Blurry a Blurry?

Ah yes...

The Blurry.

I like to call it a Velvet as well.

Either way, it is a cool snake, one of my favorite not-particularly proven but still out there"morphs."

Now, why is it Blurry?

Well, here are a few photos of my gal to show you. She is a CH female I picked out back in the day, and there was a reason for it!

Blurries are defined by a few specific things.

-No Alien Heads-
-White Outlines around the pattern-
-Golden color with deep black contrast-

Now, I have seen Blurries/Velvets with some granite-y speckles, as well as a few spots here and there within the pattern, but this female is my ideal blurry, which is why she is in my collection.

This "morph" is a dinker. A Dinker is a "morph" that has yet to be proven out to be genetic, and although I have been working with this female for a while, I have yet to make something genetically Blurry.

And yes, the word Morph was in parenthesis because technically, in my own definition, it cannot be considered a Morph until it is proven genetic. Yes, this is my own definition, and I realize that there are plenty of people that may disagree.

Now I've been working with this line for a while, I have yet to breed animals together from this female back to each other. I kept several females from her clutches, and I am trying to decide what to do specifically to make something new. I have a "Het" blurry spider female that I produced, and I have her mother. I am attempting to breed this female to something Pastel and see if I can produce a Blurry Colorful something, but so far no luck.

We shall see. Plus, I know there are other people out there that are working with this particular dinker, so I'm pretty sure we will see some type of resolution out of this eventually.

So there you go.

I like them...

What about you?

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting a few things done

I have to say, with this weekend being over, and the Super Bowl done, I didn't get to do enough snake stuff.

I moved around the males, and caught a few locks, but I need to get another video done soon to patch up a few breeding things.

So, I am afraid this blog will be short.

But, this weekend was a lot of fun, and I really am glad to have the friends and support that I do have.

Thank you guys.

I will, as I promised, get a few things done, as well as touch on each and every one of the requests I got thru the blog and e-mail about what to touch on over the next few weeks.

Today is just not one of those days.

Have a great beginning of the week, my friends.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mystics, Specials and Others

Here I did another video with something I had done on the blog a few months ago.

But now, it's more flashy and with a catchier beat!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breedings and excitement

(Year of the Rabbit)

Breeding Season always makes me smile, but makes me cringe as well. 

I love showing off my animals, but only when they are clean. Spotless, actually. 

In the breeding season, spotless is not really an option as much. 
It doesn't work well with the "Get it On" scenario. 

So please forgive me for my grossness. 
But hey, there are some cool things to see!

My Spotnose het VPI Axanthic male breeding a Pastel female. She was too big to get into the whole picture, so I focused on him and his determination. He is really very focused. I am shocked that he was ready to breed this season, but he is! I can't wait to see some Spotnose stuff pop out.

Lemonblast male with a Pastel female. I missed out on Superblasts last year, so this year, I'm hoping to get a few on the cue. Should be some nice looking Blasts from this pairing...

Bumblebee male (Spotty McGillicutty) and my Blurry Ball female. I can't wait to see how this pairing ends up. I love Spiders with no spots, and this pairing should help with that.
My Het Albino Poss Het Hypo females being bred to prove out her Het Hypo side with Pee-Oh-Gee, the Pastel Orange Ghost. Lets hope that she proves out this year, that way I can work in a Albino Ghost project somewhere. Let's GO, baby!
Mystic male hiding and possibly trying to get it on with my Monster Mojave female.
I really hope he does, because it would be lovely to have a Mystic Potion in the clan. 
Come on, kiddo. You can do it!

This was a pairing I was debating on doing, but since it seemed like a good idea, I did it. 
Mojave Spider male to my only Pinstripe female that was ready this season. (ACK!)
With only one female of that morph, it was that much more difficult to decide what to do with her. So... Here it is! Mojave Spinners, baby. 

I'm going to back him up with the Pastel Super Mojave. That should work out nicely.

One of my more exciting pairings that I keep showing you. My blurry Spider female with my Firefly male. Here's to Bumble-fires or Fireflys! I am really looking forward to seeing those hatch out, and the gal is glowing, so here we go!

Of course there were other pairings, but no action as of yet. 

I am going to hopefully have a video or two done in the next few days, so keep an eye out on that! 

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I need a muse

Yesterday was a day of reflection, as I have recently become a bit more free in my time. Now, this is not necessarily a problem, as I am changing directions in my professional life anyway, and have enrolled in a class that will take me in the right direction.

The problem really lies in the fact that while all of this is happening, I am not really thinking Snakes.



Well, actually... it is.

There are of course times where things get more important than snakes. Getting married, having your first child, etc...

This is not the case in my situation, but I am having to revamp some things, which takes my mind away from snakes.

So why, Heather, are you sharing this with us?

Well, I need help. I need help getting back on track with what you all out there in blog land want to see from me.

Sometimes I guess, and sometimes I land it straight on. Sometimes I fail and get no comments from anyone for a few weeks.

Yes, breedings are happening, but I just put the males back in last night, so I couldn't use that as a highlighter.

I am still working on some videos, but not sure what topics to cover.

Cleaning and husbandry issues have been covered, but not recently, so I may draw out of that bag to see what I can share.

But, this is why I ask you, my loyal (and not so loyal) blog readers, for your requests. There are some days where my brain is fried and coming up with something is harder than pushing a rock up a mountain.

Be my muse, my friend. Be the person to tell me "Hey, I wanna hear more about THIS!"

Cause hey, I have plenty of time to highlight it.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mental Health Day

I need a day...

I promise to make up for it tomorrow.

Have a great day, my friends!