Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Rock Captives Revisited (and Steve)

I love the times I spend with snake folk, looking at the stuff they have, and relishing in projects that can be done, and the physical evidence of that that is possible.

Yesterday, I was over at Rodney Robertson's place, and I got to see some of his and our friend Steve Grosso's critters.

I had a great time, talking shop, seeing snakes... This is what it is all about, people.

And we begin with the photo session.

This here is one of Steve's VPI Axanthic Spiders.  They look fantastic, and I really like how they are clean with no spots. Again, the arguement with VPI line versus TSK versus the others is always in effect, but hey, I can appreciate an awesome Axanthic Spider anytime.

And of course, an awesome Pastel Yellowbelly. I can't get enough of the pastel stuff that is coming out, and to have just a great looking pastel to begin with is all that you really need.

This here is an animal I covet, the Mystic Fire. I saw it and knew that it was a powerful combo to have, but just imagine all the possibilities that it can do? Just throw it to a Mojave, and you are set!

Another animal I covet. I tried to run out the door with this one, but to no avail. This is one of Rodney's super awesome lucky clutch females. Why is that? Well, two years ago, he hatched out a clutch from a Cinny to a Lesser. He got 5 Cinny lessers and a Cinnamon out of five eggs. He hatched out 2.3 Cinny Lessers, one egg carrying twins!! Crazy good luck, and this gal is looking fantastic.

And of course, an awesome looking Flora and Fauna Calico. I really like these guys... I want a few myself, but for now, I'll just settle with admiring them.

 A killer Spinner het Ghost.. I LOVE Spinners, and this one was really nicely high white on the sides.

And last but not least, an Anaconda. She is BEAUTIFUL, and very docile. I had a lot of fun watching her wiggle around. Yellow spots are a big thing for me, and this gal had them all over!! They also have the wierd bug eyes, which are kinda cute in a way... I had a great time playing with her. But, they are not for me...

So there you go, my friends. I hope to get out and go photograph many other breeders collections for the blog, but I gotta get out there and do it! Apparently, my next trip has to be Virginia, so that is going to be in the works...

But until then, I will go home and take pictures of my own snakes. After seeing all these cool critters out here on the East Coast, I wanna go sit in my own snake room and relish my own...

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Monday, November 29, 2010

White Plains, the short version

I have had significant show experience, and I have to say, it is more interesting being a spectator sometimes than being a vendor. I had so much more time to schmooze, and hang out and talk and enjoy the people and the animals at the show than before, and I relished the opportunity.

Of course, being a spectator, I got to take photos of things. I have to say though, I didn't take enough. I did take a few of things I had never seen in person before, and a few other things that picqued my interest, but all in all, it was more about the talking. And I had fun with it!

This here is a Pastel Enchi Ghost. I really like it!!! I had no idea it had been done before, although I shouldn't have been surprised. The thing with the White Plains show is, I had no idea who this vendor was... Signs were at a minimum.

And to continue with the Ghost theme, one of the projects I am hoping to hit, the Black Pastel Ghost. It is a fantastic looking animal.

And why not bring the family along? My little cousin and his experience with a Kingsnake. He was so excited!

And while I was hanging out with my pal, Colin Weaver, I took a few shots of some of his awesome animals. This here was his Axanthic Black Pastel and his Black Pastel het Axanthic. I love Black Pastels, as we all know. These were pretty awesome!

And how could one forget this critter? This here is a creation of George Sampson, the Vanilla Creme. Fire and Vanilla made this bad boy, and I LOVE IT! I need to get me a few Vanilla things into the mix... I was planning to already, but this ups the ante a lot.

And if you know me well enough, you know I love to talk... So while talking, I didn't take many more photos. I'm sorry to have let you down in that department.

But, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who came up to me and introduced themselves. It was an absolute pleasure to meet all of you, and I hope to be able to make it out again soon.

And a special thank you to Colin Weaver. It was a blast!

It was very different being at an East Coast show, and I liked it!
We will have to do it again, New York.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting ready for White Plains

So I am late to writing the blog, due to the fact that I was having an enjoyable post Thanksgiving nap.

I am getting ready for White Plains, and I am very excited to see a lot of East Coast friends soon.

Sunday will be a good day, and I will be the perfect photographer with plenty of cool pictures of cool snakes to share with you cool people.

But until then, I am going to relax.

So this is short, and the photos and blog on Monday will make up for the loss. I promise!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have a feeling a lot of you are already cooking and getting ready for Thanksgiving, and that is fantastic. Today is a day to give Thanks for all that you have.

I want to thank all of you Blog Readers out there for all that you do in support of me and my snake habit.

You all make it worth typing every day what sometimes is hard, sometimes is benign, sometimes is just plain silly. Thank you all, each and every one of you.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to enjoy and breed Ball Pythons, and hopeful that I can still do so for years to come, without the government getting involved.

I am thankful for my family and friends, new and old. It is not a truely fulfilled life until you have people to share it with.

Thank you all out there in internet land.

I am truly overwhelmed by my blessings, and I hope you are all feeling the same for your own. No matter what is going on in your life, there is always something to be thankful for.

So with that, I'm going to go make some Mac and Cheese.

Have a fantastic day, my friends. Enjoy it and be blessed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Sorry for the late blog. Today, we are flying out to New York for the Holidays.

Also, yesterday, Joel proposed to me and we are now officially ENGAGED!

EDIT: I am stuck at the airport, and saw a request for a photo of the ring.. HERE IT IS, and yes, I am still sporting my awesome super cool silver snake ring. That will be mine forever too.. I had to readjust some other rings, but now, I have the two that are important.

I love it, and I will be sharing more of the holidays with you, my internet family.

So with that, I'm off to fly away...
Until tomorrow, my friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chipo and how she came to be

You may remember Chipo from years past, and maybe even the John Berry book that most recently came out with the more updated morphs. 

This is Chipo, my Black Pastel het Red Axanthic female, and what I understand to be one of the firsts.

Yes, they are similar to Gargoyles, but since they are a new combo and not Cinnamons, I call them Onyx's. 

Why Onyx? 

Well, cause the color is so DARK. 

This photo below is actually closest to real life colors. She does have an overtone of brown, but she is DARK. I really love this gal, even if she has decided not to eat very well over the last year...

 Here is her mother.. I never knew that this gal was a Het Red Axanthic, but she is!
She has a darker tone, which is why I chose to breed her to the Black Pastel. I thought, this would make a great bunch of awesome Black Pastels!! But she surprised us all by giving me Chipo. 

She is finally ready to go again this year, and I am not sure what I plan to put with her, but I may consider doing another round of Gargoyles/Onyx's depending on the male.

She is an awesome female, that's for sure. Females that look different definitely can be! 
I had no idea what she was...
Don't loose faith in those dinkers. 

And of course, the breedings... Nothing much, but a few tries already. 

Genetic Stripe to Het female.

And the Mojo Spider to the Pastel. He is working his magic for sure. 

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting close to the holidays

It is getting colder and wetter here in Southern California, which means breeding season is in full swing.

I have determined a few more pairings, and every male that is in rotation is with a female (mostly).

Currently we have:

Silver Bullet x Het Red Axanthic
Sterling x Normal
Firefly x Spider
Pastel Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly
Pastel Lesser x Normal
Pastel Super Mojave x Pastel
Mojave Spider x Pastel
Enchi x Pastel
Pastel het Pied x Het Pied
Pied x Het Pied
Caramel x PH Caramel
Genetic Stripe x Het Genetic Stripe
Albino x Spider PH Albino
Pastel Orange Ghost x Het Ghost
Clown x TSK Axanthic PH Clown

With that being said, there is not to much action to be seen at this point, with more males just hanging out on top or around females rather than actually doing something. Which is why there are no photos...

There are a lot of things going on over here with the Holidays coming up, so there may be a bit of a shift in terms of the focus of the blog.

I will be in New York over the Thanksgiving Holiday, which means that there will be less photos of my stuff and more photos of other stuff.

I will be attending the White Plains show on November 28th, and if you are from that area, come on down and introduce yourself! I'll just be walking around, talking to people. I will not have a table. I will, however, be around, and if you wanted a Heather's Herps shirt, I can bring them to the show!

So with that being said, this week of blogs may be a little less exciting in terms of snakes, unless you guys give me a topic you are dying to read about!

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Countdown to Thanksgiving... 3 DAYS!

Friday, November 19, 2010

One of these is not like the others

For the past couple of days, it has been photographs. I have been having a good time with my camera, and I have been enjoying my new babies.

Now to tie all of my photos together, I have to be clever. I talk about colors, patterns, specific morphs and their combos. 

And I am going to do it again today. 

It's Friday, so I was thinking about doing something cool... Maybe have a hunt for the morphs that tie things together. 

So this blog was born.

Above is the Pastel Pied. He is a cutie patootie, as well as being an awesome looking morph as well.

Below is the Super Pastel Lesser Male. VERY yellow, as I discussed in a previous blog. 

 And this guy below?
This is my Pastave holdback girl. Pastel Mojave for the win!
Gotta love that morph, seriously. 

But Wait... What's this? Does this tie in with anything else?

At first glance, it looks like a Pewter. That's a Cinnamon Pastel, right?
So everything on the blog has Pastel in it, right?

Well, no.

This is the Black Pastel Lesser, which technically, if you want to be a smart-ass, has "pastel" in it due to the name.
I'm sorry, but that doesn't count.
This gal right here doesn't count for the Pastels that have been previously shown, and this one is not like the others. 


Did you like that tie in?
Yeah, I'm good. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and I will be back with more on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creepy Crawlies

I have arachnophobia. I do. I think I've mentioned it several times over the years. 

I don't like Spiders. When I see them in person, I tend to get squeamish. 
But yes, we have a Tarantula, and yes, I see spiders around the house and in life often enough. 

But these guys? I can handle these Spiders...

This is my Spinner girl that I hatched out, a Spider Pinstripe. I really really really love this combination. I'm not sure exactly why, but I just love the way they look!

And of course, we can't ignore a bit of Pastel added to it.. This picture doesn't do this guy justice, but they are awesome!!! Pastel Pinstripe Spider for the win!

I have to say, I wasn't really expecting this combination to look so good, but it really does. This is a Pewter Bee, or a Pastel Cinnamon Spider. You can't really see the Spider in this combination as much as the others, but it is there. 

I don't, however, really like the Cinnamon Spiders. I don't have one to show off, persay, but I don't think they are that stunning. Kind of a interesting combination, but nothing WOW!

And of course, the Bumblebee, which in real terms has nothing to do with Spiders at all.. 
Spider Pastel combination, one of the cornerstone morphs that most people LOVE! I love them too!

This gal is one of my favorites, and I am really glad to have her here. I'm not sure what I plan on doing with her, but then again, that's why I get to wait a few years.

Spiders are a great morph to be working with, and they are creepy crawly and awesome!

So enjoy the pictures, make your plans, and have a fantastic day, my friends!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friends in the Industry

I have to say, this Industry is great for meeting amazing people.

There are a great number of fantastic people that love snakes, love the customers, love the people...
I have made a bunch of friends over the years in the industry, breeders and customers alike.

It's always a bunch of fun at shows to see people that you know, and spend time talking shop over a weekend.

Talking shop is part of the fun of this hobby, and learning from other people about what they do and how they do it is a great tool that is easily accessible due to the internet. Obviously that is the reason you guys out there in internet-land read this blog, right?

Who made what, what does this combination look like, what are they thinking about combining, what new dinkers proved out, etc...

All great stuff to know, and with the amount of people out there willing to talk to you about things, it is a fantastic way to get "in the know" and make some life long friends.

The problem with this is, of course, with the good comes the bad.

I have been running into a few of those bad apples, and it is really hard to deal with sometimes. Rude customers who try to undercut my bottom line because so and so has it for $50 less, other breeders who are only in it for the money, and problem people who just rub me the wrong way.

I am usually very patient with things like this, because it happens often enough that I have a guard up, but when someone pokes often and hard enough, something has got to give.

But then, all I do is turn to a fellow breeder who I know has experienced the same thing firsthand, and we talk and laugh about it.

I love my friends. I love my customers. I love my blog readers.

You are all awesome.

Give yourselves a hug for me. Or maybe hug a snake instead..

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I just started on Sunday

I'm a bad Heather. I did not announce on Monday that I had started out my pairings on Sunday. I actually just threw a few of the guaranteed pairings that I knew I would do together, and am still waffling over a few other females, and what else I can do. 

These boys did not waste ANY time.

This is the Ghost 66% possible het Pied male with a Pied 66% possible het Ghost female. 
I hope that at least one of them prove out, if not both!

And this guy is my Firefly. I really didn't expect him to actually do ANYTHING, as he is a puny 400ish gram male, but he got to work! He is breeding one of my Spiders. I can't wait to see what happens with this clutch! 

Recognize this guy? It's Mobee, the Mojave Spider. He is breeding a Pastel that is in shed, so she looks kinda boo-boo, but Mobee didn't have any problem getting it on. He's not hating! I am really excited about this pairing as well. 

My TSK Axanthic male is helping prove out a possible het female that is ready, and I can't wait to see if she does!  I also always look forward to seeing little silver and black heads popping out of the egg. COME ON, BABY!

So there we have it. I can't wait to show you all more, once some of these other guys get into action. I am still on the fence about a few of the females I have ready, so we shall see...

Too many possibilities. 

If you had a Pewter female to breed, what would you breed her to?

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Monday, November 15, 2010

What I've noticed over the years

Well, I am never going to be comfortable saying that I know EVERYTHING about Ball Pythons, nor am I going to tell someone that they are wrong about their own personal experiences.

But here are mine, and I'd like to share them with you!

In general, babies eat well. Some tend to be more picky than others, but usually when you get them to start, they are good to go for a while. Every 5 days? No problem...

Mouse hoppers are great starter food sources for pain in the ass feeders. Rat pups are my main go-to, but wiggling around and twitching doesn't quite do it for some feeders, and mice are the way to go after a good month of trying.

Water... Water is a very very very important part of husbandry, as all living creatures need it. Make sure to provide plenty of water, or else your snakes may not eat. Never a good sign...

When it comes to around a year, there are some animals that eat straight thru any season, any time, anywhere... Most Ball Pythons do not, however, and will stop eating around 600-800 grams for a while. Mostly this happens during the breeding season, but not exclusively. This tends to happen, as I said, within their first to second year.

And then, when it warms up, they get to eating again. This can be a length of time up to eight months, depending on the animal. Sometimes they change preferences completely.

With females that have bred and produced eggs, this can happen, albeit unfortunately.

There is a female that I have had for a long time, and she was always a rat eater. After she produced eggs, she stopped eating... She stopped eating completely. It took her a year and a half to begin eating again. Why is that??? And how did she manage that long?

She decided she only ate mice. I only fed her rats. She turned her nose up. She may have taken a few within that year and a half, but never consistently as she normally did. But I finally gave in and gave her mice after moving her into a smaller tub, different substrate, different locations, and even smaller feed items (I even tried rat pups!) Of course she had water, and a hide and a nice tub. But she wasn't really happy... She wanted a Mickey.

Oh well.

So that is how long I've had a problem feeder. I just recently, within the last few months, have been feeding her mice. Now she and I have an understanding, and we get along just fine!

With those situations, I wouldn't suggest jumping shark and giving into mice if you don't have a steady supply. I give them a month to get it in gear with the food that I offer, and then I try new things. I have gotten very patient with bad feeders, and I have to say, sometimes, time and a new thing is all they need.

But back to those pesky sub-adults... That is a different story. For the most part, no matter what you do, they will still refuse. It is par to the course of growing up for some animals. Again, I don't say ALL, because that would be a fallacy.


And it still sucks.

But we see the challenge, we approach it with an open mind, and celebrate when they start eating again!

So there you go. Of course, this is not all that I've noticed over the years, but I have to say, it is a big one! We'll be talking more about other things that tend to trend over here at Heather's Herps, but of course, as always, if you have a question, comment it and I will answer!

Have a fantastic day, my friends! Happy Monday!

Friday, November 12, 2010


 There is always a question of "what does this look like in comparison to that one?"

So I decided to take some comparison shots of what I think are important, as well as some great animals with good contrast.

Example One: You know how much I love Spotty McGillicutty, and how awesome I think he is... Well, here he is compared to another (albeit younger) Bumblebee. Usually, Bumbles look better as babies than as adults. 

Who do you think looks better?

And as I have done in a previous blog, I had the Super Pewter and the Silver Bullet side by side to compare colorations, as well as general overall pattern (or in this case, lack there of). I plan on doing this again as they grow.

These two are a bit different.  On the left, is a Pastel Lesser. On the right, a Super Pastel Lesser. In general, the overall coloration is yellower in the Super, as well as with more blushing. I realize that the contrast in the Pastel Lesser is much more striking, which makes this an interesting photograph to share with you all. 

Which do you like better?

And although the colors are a tad bit darker than I would like, the Crystal and the Pastel Crystal comparison shots. The Crystal is overall darker, but more yellow. The Pastel Crystal is more peach, and with a lighter head. The difference between the two is much more prevalent now as they are a bit older as when they were just hatched. 
I look forward to sharing them growing up as well!

So there you go, my friends. 

I plan on doing a few more of these for animals that are similar. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


 I've noticed in the Ball Python Morphs that Yellow is the color to be. The brighter the better. 

Yellow is a great color, really. 

Did you know that in Chinese, my last name (Wong) means Yellow? 

So next time you see me, you can be like "Yo, Yellow!"

And I would be proud of that. 

Yellow is a great color. 

Especially in Ball Python Morphs. 

Pastels are the perfect example. 

They combine with so many things to make so many other things! All of them YELLOW(er)!

And Butters, Lessers and Mojaves.. All have shades of yellow.

Take this fine specimen of a male. 

Butter Enchi. Both yellow morphs, combined to make a super awesome yellower morph. People think it is stunning, and I do agree.

A Super Pastel is pretty darn yellow. So is a Super Pastel Lesser! This guy exudes Yellow. 

I absolutely love these guys. 

And most people do too. 

Shades of Butter Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Canary Yellow... All in contrast with oranges, purples, greys and blacks. THAT, my friends, is what Ball Python morphs are all about. 

Colors and Contrast. 

Maybe we will do an expose on Colors... I like it. 

The Ball Python Color Rainbow.

I will get on that. 
Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Collection Update

At the show, I had a blog reader come up to me and ask me a question that I really wondered about after everything was said and done.

He said "Heather, you show off all these cool morphs, but your collection page isn't anywhere near what you show off!"

And I said "You are RIGHT!"

Let me explain.

I am not good with my web page. I am versed in HTML, but I have to say, some of the coding evades my knowledge, so I am not the one to update my stuff.

This is not to say that I do not have full intentions to update it.

I really do.

But at this point, it has yet to be done.

SO, with that being said, I will write out a list.

This is what I have in the collection as of today!

Black Pastel
Het Red Axanthic
TSK Axanthic
Genetic Stripe
Het Lavender

Super Pastel
Pastel Yellowbelly
Pastel Lesser
Pastel Mojave
Mojave Spider
Pastel Orange Ghost
Black Pewter
Sulfur Mojave
Pastel Calico
Pastel Pied
Pastel Het Red Axanthic 
Black Pastel Het Red Axanthic
Butter Enchi
Red Axanthic

Super Pastel Lesser
Silver Bullet
Pastel Super Mojave
Pastel Crystal
Super Mojave Super Fire
Super Pewter
Pewter het Red Axanthic

So there you go. I'm pretty sure that is all of them...
I avoided listing the hets for stuff, cause that would make it even longer. 
You wanna see something? Let me know and I will highlight that morph for the next blog!

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It has begun...kinda

Well, I've been slacking a lot recently about getting on top of getting breeding plans in line, as well as getting the room prepped for breeding as well.

I have finally gotten some stuff done.

I have a list of males, and a list of females, and a column for who goes with which female.

Checks have been made on the list as to which females are legitimately going to be able to go this year...

Males have their tags made for those who have been producing sperm plugs, and those that should be soon.

You remember those tags, right?

These suckers...

I heart those tags.

Previous blog about it was HERE on how to make them...

I made all of the new up and coming males their own tags. They are moving up in the world!

And of course, prepping the gals for a new season, getting them fatter and happy. Some will go later on in the season, some will go very soon.

Very soon instead of now?

Well, yeah. I haven't actually put males in with females yet.

I've been busy as all heck doing the local shows, and getting ready for the holidays, and working full time. I have only had a few hours here and there to clean, feed, water and admire, much less think hard about who is going with whom.


I have a list that has slowly been getting completed. There are of course animals that have already a predestined pairing that will happen...

Like the Orange Ghost poss het Pied to the Pied poss het Orange Ghost.

That's a slam dunk right there. No need to pair anything else to those guys...

But most are not that simple.

So I go into my happy place, look at snakes, think about snakes, check my morph book and admire the combinations that are out there and think to myself, Yeah, I'd like to do that...

I am about 75% there to get ready to start the official breeding season here at Heather's Herps.

But, I guess more than anything, although I do plan on doing what I like, I want to know what you out there in internet land like to see? What do YOU want? What would YOU like to see out of my season this year?

I do breed for my own projects, but I know that you out there want certain morphs to be done, and certain combinations to be made.

Enlighten me.

I need help!

Have a great day, my friends.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hets... The Recessive Story

So I was doing the Pasadena show this weekend, and I had a really hard time selling Heterozygous animals.

I'm going to be honest with you all.

I didn't sell any. 

Why is that, Heather? Don't people trust what you have? Don't people know you are legit?

Well, I would like to think so, but I don't think that is really the problem. 

Most people are finicky. 
They want animals that look like something different, and they don't want to have to deal with animals that look normal with a higher price tag.

I had many people ask me about Pastels I had on the table... Pastels that were het for stuff. I explained that while they were the same morph, they carried the gene for another morph, which made them that much more valuable. 

But you CAN'T SEE IT!

So, Mister and Missus Everyman thinks to themselves, "This chick here is crazy... They look the same, and there is nothing that looks different about this one than that one, and she's asking another $100+ for that one?? HAH!"

And they walk away.

But I am talking about Mister and Missus Everyman, the people who don't know about morphs.

There are also those of you out there that want immediate satisfaction.

Hey, I get it. I do too... 

But Het Females are worth their weight in GOLD when the time comes to breed your visual recessive morph into something. 

You CANNOT get a VISUAL Recessive trait (Albino, Pied, Ghost, Axanthic, Genetic Stripe, Caramel, and the list goes on) WITHOUT ANOTHER HET (or Visual)!!!!!

You can't breed X recessive into a Normal and get your visual X recessive.

You must have genes of the recessives on both sides of the coin to make it work...

Why people don't appreciate the value of that normal looking het, I do not know...

But then again, people want immediate satisfaction.

I have to admit, if you have the money to get a pair of recessive visuals, I say GO FOR IT!

Make it happen! Go for the gold! 

But, that het for recessive female over there, or that het male... they can do the same thing for you. 

And they are still cool.

Don't forget about the Hets, my friends... They are key ingredients to many many different things. Worth it 100%. 

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

And to those of you who stopped by this weekend to say Hello, I greatly appreciated every moment I had to share with you my passion for Ball Pythons. Until January at the Pomona show...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey Boys! (Continued)

 So of course, I am not done with the boy introduction. 

Above is my first recessive morph boy, my Albino. He has been with me for a long time now, and I have to say, I am always floored by the colors and photos that he takes. I LOVE Albinos. 

They do so much, look so fantastic, and really just are amazing morphs. Even Joe Blow down the street appreciates the Albino morph. 

And below, my beloved Pee-Oh-Gee. 


Pastel Orange Ghost. 

He is awesome, and a great breeder. He has a date with his Spider het Ghost girlfriend from this past season.

And here is my Pastel het Pied male. He is not so bright, but he does his job, and he does it well! I really love his pattern too... 

And my TSK Axanthic het Albino male, that I hope and pray will actually make me a Snow this year. He has a date with his Albino het Axanthic girl friend. I just hope she gives me more than four eggs this year... And that she actually breeds and gives me eggs!

How can one forget my amazing male Genetic Stripe, with his solid awesome kick-ass stripe?
He has a date with his Het Gals, as well as maybe a Mojave or something? I love the Butter Stripe!

Pastel Yellowbellies are AWESOME, and this guy is no exception. He is a great breeder, and although I have no real idea what to put him with, he will be breeding with something this year..

How can you go wrong with a Sterling? Pewters and Pastels is the least he can provide... This guy is one of the prize males I have here, and I am sure I will find him a bevy of females that he will like. 

More to come again soon! 

Have a fantastic day, my friends.