Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Settling in

So we have been in North Carolina for a month and a half now, and have finally settled in to a point where I feel comfortable. 

And apparently, even with all the changes, so is the rest of the family.

We never had stairs before like this, so we had a few days of trepidation with the pups.

Someone really really likes to be king of the stairs.

Also, moving in everything was a complete pain, and took a ridiculous amount of time.

Moving snakes across the country is NOT EASY. It is a blessing to have great friends that helped me out when I needed it, and I am now completely set up (with the exception of a few nick-knacks and decorations).

And of course, finding new places to find rodents, the room setup and wiring all took time to do. But I really actually feel comfortable now, which is really relieving!

After moving and settling in, of course, things started getting back to normal, and I really didn't expect to have another clutch at all.

BUT... of course I did.

I wasn't paying attention at all to this gal, and saw her on eggs while I was watering.

This female was a breeding project that I intended to do last year (and did, but got no eggs), and put her in with the Mojave Pied to see if he was a Het Albino. I put him in a few months before we moved, and stopped pretty early on. So this clutch has been a surprise....

I don't even have the incubator up and running because of the temperatures in the room that I haven't mapped out well, so right now, she is still on these eggs. These eggs are also uncounted... but it looks like a good bunch!

I intend to get things running again, and the blog as well.

I will be starting school in a few weeks, and until then, I'm freeeeeeee!

Here's to getting things back in order.

Have a great day, my friends!