Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend GLORY

I have to say I am VERY excited for this weekend.
Why, do you ask?

Because I have legitimate time to sit on my ass and get things done. I do not have 17 million other things to do (only like... 3 million), and one of my goals for this weekend is to get the incubator page FINALLY up to date.

I am also going to be putting up more adult breeder animals this weekend, and get the available page up and running with EVERYTHING I have so far.

I have been slacking on the website, not because I don't want to get it done, but because I don't have as much time as I would like to sit for several hours focusing and bang it out.

While in the room last night feeding off things, I realized that there are many animals that can be consolidated into new breeder packages for people, that I have a lot of animals that should be sold off, and that it is time to get things in order for REAL this time.

Focusing before a crazy storm of crazy comes back and I get swept up again.


That is the goal for the weekend.

Life, as always, will be changing, and I want to be able to manage everything accordingly before I get overwhelmed (AGAIN).

This season has been an eye opener for me, due to everything I had to juggle as well as the standard breeding and show season that I go thru every year.

Things are crazy!

But, the more I think about it, the more I realize it is self-inflicted to a point. As my mother likes to remind me, I am always trying to do too much. This is true...

So I am trying to get that fixed!

Now I just need to stay excited enough to get it done without getting distracted.


Have a great holiday weekend, my friends!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Did you know that this is the first year EVER that I have hatched out Killerbees? My luck has been horrible with them, and the only reason I hit on these guys is cause I put my Pastel Butter Spider in with a Pastel.

Yeah, I had to do it the easy way.

Not sure why, but that is the way the cookie crumbles some days, right?


I am very impressed with the way they look out of the egg though, almost Hypo...

Does this give me pause to keep one? 

Yeah, kinda.

But I'm on the fence about it.

I have a ton of holdbacks already.

But one more can't hurt, right? Especially if they look like this!

But until I decide, they are available and up on the website, which I spent several hours updating again!

I am almost to the point where I am up to date on the available animals.

I just need to get to the point where I am up to date on the clutches in the incubator too... 

Baby steps.

Let's just admire these Killerbees, shall we?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So since we lost our beloved boxer Kona in December, it has been a hard road. We miss her still to this day, but as life goes on, so must we.

As responsible adults, Joel and I decided together that since we finished getting married, had settled down in our new home, and had some time to grieve, it may be time to let a new canine companion into our hearts and home again.

Regal, of course, has always been our first priority, and since he is almost 10 years old, we decided to adopt an adult dog much like himself.

I've always wanted a Doberman, and spent many days and nights searching for the right dog for our family.

We finally settled on "Ayla".

This was taken straight from the rescue website, Dobies and Little Paws:

Ayla is a middle-aged Dobie lady, somewhere between six and seven years old, we think. She is very pretty and extremely friendly, sweet, and affectionate towards people. She is a happy dog, who comes out every morning wagging her tail to greet the day and everyone she meets. She is good with other dogs and tolerates cats. Ayla is a real sweetheart, even though she is not in her first youth. She would be a great family dog.


So we went to the rescue, had her meet the Fuzz (Regal), and when all was well and good with the crabby old man, we picked her up, and fell in love.

She has a lick granuloma (which is a patch of exposed flesh due to licking), as she was in the rescue kennel for almost a YEAR! She was an owner surrender, and no one wanted her because of her age.

How could anyone pass up this beautiful girl?

We couldn't, and now she is part of the pack. She is now dubbed "Xena", as I am all for powerful princesses, which she is.

She is being treated for her granuloma. Look at her slipper!

I am very excited to have her here, and although this is not snake related, I'm sure we will be hearing more about her and the Fuzz, cause they are my children. I'll figure out some how to tie it in to snakes, I promise.

Have a great day, my friends. Hug your fuzz children!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Butter Enchi Pewter Clutch

So when I did the Butter Enchi het Hypo to Pewter clutch, I thought I was so smart! I was patting myself on the back thinking "Heather, this will be an awesome clutch, and you will be able to tell right off the bat what everything is..." Well... Not really.. I didn't actually tell myself that. I was just stoked for the pairing.

But lo and behold, they hatch out, and I have a bit of a conundrum on my hands.

What the heck are they?

Here are the non-Normals...

We have a Cinnamon, a Pastel, and that stuff in the middle.

And here we have the stuff in the middle.

All three of these animals I have never produced before. But I am super excited that I did!

I didn't hit on the quad (the Butter Enchi Pewter), but I did hit on these three.

Here we have, from top left to bottom right, a Pewter Enchi, a Pastel Butter Enchi, and a Cinnamon Enchi.

Seriously, it took me a few to figure it out.. Especially this one.

It is subtly more than a Pewter, so I had to stare at it for a bit. But there is too much Orange, too much blushing for it not to be an Enchi Pewter.

This gal was a surprise too. Since I have the Butter Enchi to compare her to, it was obvious. Her head was so blushed out, I had to take a moment here too.

I can't wait to see her shed out and in her glory...

And this, I honestly am in love with. The Cinnamon Enchi. I LOVE the orange and browns, and I can imagine the color change when this gal gets older. It'll be EPIC.

I am very pleased with this clutch, and hopefully can hit on the quad next year. Should be a fun time!

Have a good one, my friends.

Monday, August 27, 2012

After Break Catch Up

So yeah, I took a whole week off.

I needed it.

So here I am, back in action, updating with things that I had snakely done over the past week.

First off, we had a nice clutch from the Firefly male to one of my Mojave females. I love the way the Fire Mojave looks, and if I get a Firefly Mojave out of it, that would be awesome! I've never hatched them out before...

But speaking of Mojave stuff, we had these guys pop out of the last Mojave clutch. There were eight eggs, but only three of them made it. Very disappointing, but then again... Look at the results!

I got a Pastel Crystal Male, a Pastel Special male and a weird looking Special female.  

I really like the female... On the fence about putting her up for sale, but as of right now, the whole clutch will be.

As for the rest of the week, I have hatchings to share and random musings to put to note.

I'm back!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Going cross-eyed

I know I have brought this up before, but there are so many combinations out there, with very little information/photographic evidence of their existance that I sometimes have a hard time pinning things down.

Even the basics, like Pastels versus Pastel Combinations can be mind bending.. I still have questions on animals that I think could be Fires, Vanillas, Supers or something else.

I hatched out some super wierd looking Pastel combination animals that I am not sure what is going on. Pastel Specials, but wierder? I'm not sure.

Same with the Firefly to Pewter clutch... I am still waiting for that last Pastel thingy to shed out (who, by the way, is taking his sweet time) so that I can at least be a little more confident.

Lesser stuff too... More blushing, brighter animals, etc... Combining things with other things that aren't starkly obvious make my life a tad bit difficult to say the least, and does mess with my mind.

I have to admit, I have stared at animals trying to delve into their genetics by mind meld several times... Or I am just a dork. Either way, it happened, and I accept it.

I have hatched out the wierd looking Normals, things that look different but more than likely are just something odd and cool. I have hatched out some obvious combinations... You can tell what a Pied looks like.

But when you get some darker Pastel Pieds or really bright normal Pieds, that's when things get fuzzy.

I hate to pretend like I know what I have when I really don't....

Seems pretentious to me.

So I ask. I post on this blog, I post on forums, Facebook, send e-mails, etc.

It is a great resource to ask other people what they think, of course, assuming that they have some type of background in that type of thing.

I wouldn't ask a Fireman about how to program a website (unless he or she was multitalented and did both...)

Anyway, the reason for my blabbering about all of this is that if you have doubts, ask. It never hurts to get feedback. Maybe it is something new!

I know I have several animals I have to send to friends for feedback. I'm gunna post them here too!

But not today... Today is Friday.

Have a non-cross-eyed weekend, my friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


So apparently, there is no end all be all for losing data.

My friend Colin sent me information about a program that can recover lost data, and I AM SAVED!

Problem now is, there is now a billion photos, from all of the deleted times I erased things and stuff....

So now, I get to wallow thru everything I've ever put on that card and see what is replicated and what is not.

I have my work cut out for me, but I am not complaining... (Well, I guess I kinda am... but I'm happy complaining!)

So now, after today and feeding day, I can actually finish things on the available list, and get to the incubation page FINALLY.

I feel like I have had many clutches of mystery that have hatched so far that do not exist on the website.

I need to get that fixed, as this is also my history as well as for your information as well.

We are also preparing for a trip to see the Folks this weekend, so things are getting a tad hairy. ALSO, we are adopting a new dog next week, and I can't wait to share her with the world as well!

Things are picking up again, and I am excited rather than overwhelmed (although a bit of overwhelmed is always hovering around my head).

School begins at the end of the month, the show season is here, and babies are popping up everywhere.

It has begun for real!

In terms of shows, we will be doing:

NARBC Anahiem

with a few more under consideration...

Have a great day, my friends!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Procrastination and Technical Difficulties


This is what I get for procrastinating...

I have a lot of photos on my memory card, and I save them until the card is full. Lots of awesome pictures, some of which I use on this blog, some of which I have for records, etc....

My camera lives in the snake room, with the exception of when it comes out to be used to download specific pictures.

Last night, while I was updating the Available page, I took lots of awesome pictures of animals that are for sale. I was very proud of myself that I was getting so much done, as I was clicking and uploading like a CHAMP.

I looked over some of the old photos and was pretty impressed with some of my work.

These were photos over the last three to four months... None of which I downloaded on to the computer yet, cause I was too busy at that point to think about it.

And in a FLASH, I removed the card from the computer to continue my work with the camera, and inserted it in.

I went to take some pictures...


Oh NO!

What does this mean?

So I take the card out, blow on it (because we all know that blowing on electronics is the only way to fix anything...), and reinsert it.



All of my record photos, all of my cool pictures, even extra photos of my just recently deceased Killer Clown.. ALL GONE.

Do I feel like a tool?


I am really upset with myself for not downloading when I had the chance.

But... Onward and upwards, right?

I just get to put in information on the incubator page without photos... and start from scratch with new photos as well for some clutches.

I'm upset, yes, but this is not the end of the world.

I'm going to have to take two times as many pictures now...

Have a great day, my friends.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reptile Super Show and Disappointment

Well, the weekend is over, and the show was a success.

It was a scorching hot weekend, 103 in Pomona (which is relatively unheard of) and it seemed like a lot of people decided to stay home, but the crowds were there, and it was a good time.

I got to see a lot of old friends, as this was my first show of the season, and make some new ones as well.

It has been very interesting to note the changes in shows over the years as well as the new people who are starting out.

I have to say, I feel like a seasoned veteran these days, and it is more fun when things are said and done than when preparing. I had a lot of fun being there and talking shop, but setting up and tearing down are still a pain.

Of course, I actually had the opportunity to go to the Reptile Super Show Auction on Saturday night, and while there, my friend Jordan Russell was the auctioneer. Apparently he was tired after a while, and asked me to take over. I was NOT planning for this, but I went up and did it for a few. Do you see me up there on the podium?

Yeah, I was an auctioneer for a night. And it was fun.

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Money was raised for USARK, and we did pretty well for them!

It was a good time, made new friends, had some Cherry Infused Moonshine (I won it at the auction) and shared with the room.

Sunday rolled along, show went well..

Came home, unpacked, and came home to the Killer Clown on his side in his tub.

He didn't make it.

This is rather devastating news, as I of course was very excited about him, but I have to remind myself that this is what happens when you breed animals.

It's not the fun part.

So after a long fun weekend, I had a sobering reality check.

Everything else is going swimmingly, I suppose, but I had a lot of stress and emotion tied up into that little bugger.

Relief? Kinda... Mixed with sadness.

But today is a new day. And although he didn't make it, I can always do the pairing again.

Fingers crossed, head and shoulders high, and away I go.

Have a great, fun filled Monday, my friends.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting ready for the show

I have to say, the day before a show is always the most stressful.

Getting ready for everything, pricing everything out, making sure you have all the materials and papers that you would need, and hoping that you don't forget anything...

Friday comes and you set up, you leave things as good as you can, and wait for Saturday.

Saturday rolls along and you hope to god that you have everything you need... No turning back now!

Smile, it's on! Meet and greet, shmooze and booze, check out what it out there...

Get a general sense of the pricing in the area, compare prices, see what has been made new and what you've never seen before... If you have time, pop open the camera and snap some shots...

Smile and talk about everything snake, catch up with old friends, make new ones.

When that time comes, it's all good.

It's the stuff all before that is the pain.

So off I go!

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.

Have a great day, my friends!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


So yeah, I have had some time to look at these babies, and I have come to the conclusion of a few things.

Yes, this guy is a Pewterbee. He's pretty sweet looking, and he is a Pewterbee.

Am I sad about it?

Kinda.. It would have been sweet to have a Mojave Pewterbee.

Next year, my friends. Next year.

And you know what else? This is a Firefly Crystal.

And this guy is a Fire Crystal to the left of her.

It took a few weeks, but I feel like it's pretty clear now. Especially with this photo.

And finally....

I hate assist feeding. But it is a necessary evil when animals are not interested in eating on their own from the beginning. 
Like this guy...

He was tiny. He is still tiny, and he didn't get any yolk when he hatched out. So Tuesday night, with much coaching from friends (cause I dislike doing it), he was given a mouse pink to eat.

By given, I mean shoved down his throat and into his stomach. 

These pictures are of him the day after.

He's still tiny, but at least he has something to grow on.

I have high hopes for this guy, seeing as how he is my first Clown ever.

(And by He, I am basing it on a very slight view of the genital region. I may be wrong...I didn't really want to push the issue. -SNAKE BREEDING PUN-)

HAH! I still got it... Kinda.

Anyway, I'm off to prepare some more for the Reptile Show. Also planning to do a few more this season, depending on what sells this weekend.

Any good shows you guys know of?

Have a great day, my friends!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New clutch.. number still undefined

I am very proud to announce another clutch, and this one is dear to my heart. This female I produced back in 2008 from a 100% Het Clown male to a Pastel female. I kept back all of the females, and this girls sister is the one who produced for me the Pastel and Killer Clowns earlier this past weekend. 

So this is a normal sister, with one more Pastel possible het to produce (although I don't expect her to go this year).

I bred her to the Clown, but I am pretty sure I backed him up with the Pastel het Clown. We will see how things turn out. I hope she proves!

For a first time breeder, five eggs isn't too shabby!

Let's hope there are a few weird Clown faces in there when the time comes.

I caught her in the middle of laying as well, so she did an excellent job, and these eggs are pretty fresh in this picture.

Fingers crossed, my friends. 

And of course, my little Zebra Bee shed out. I'm pretty pleased about it! He looks AWESOME.

I can't wait to see him grow into his colors.

Have a great day, my friends.

We are ramping up for the Reptile Super Show this weekend... Are you going?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pastel Lesser and Pastel Butter goodness

So apparently I had a good plan for the Super Pastel Lesser and the Pastel Butter Spider.

I bred them to things.

And here is what I got!

This here is the Super Pastel Lesser to Normal clutch.

I haven't sexed them yet, but we got:

4 Pastel Lessers, 1 Lesser, and 4 Pastels.

Not too shabby...

And here we have the Pastel Butter Spider to Pastel clutch. This hatched out this weekend as well.

1.0 Super Pastel Butter Spider, 2 Butter Spiders, 3 Killerbees, 1 Super Pastel, 1 Pastel Butter, and 1 Pastel. 

This guy is my Super Pastel Butter Spider. I did sex him, and he is a He.

I'm not sure what that means for me... but it's good to know, eh?

So there you go! Lots of Butters and Lessers and Mojaves and stuff this year. It's gunna be a fun one!

Have a great day, my friends!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally produced Clowns. 

I am pretty stoked about this, due to the fact that I am a huge Clown fan. 

This clutch was a long shot, and of course, with that being said, there is a story.

I got a Het Clown male for a Birthday present from a friend back in 2006. I bred that male to my Pastel female, and kept back all of the females from the clutch, 0.2 Pastel poss het Clowns and 0.1 Poss Het Clown.

I recently picked up a Pastel het Clown male from my friend Scott at a local show, due to the fact that I felt that Homey wasn't pulling his weight AGAIN this year.

So I put the Pastel het Male with one of my Pastel poss het females...

Guess what?

She proved OUT!


So of course, when heads started popping out, I was stunned to see a Pastel Clown and what I thought was a tiny Killer Clown head.

I was right!

The problem was, of course, that the Killer Clown had hard yolk in the egg, so was unable to absorb as much as it needed to be a healthy fully developed ball python. I had to tie off his umbilicus and cut him out.
He is still in the Intensive Care Unit of Heather's Herps, and I am praying that he makes it. He seems to respond well to everything, but I still have my reservations. Of course, the first Clown I hatch has to have problems, right?

Killer Clown next to a Bottle Cap

And the Killer Clown came with a Pastel Clown brother!

He is obviously a bit bigger than the Killer, and he took much longer to come out of the egg. He is pretty sweet looking too. I am just crossing all my digits that both of them make it.
These are the hearty babies. I honestly have been too worried about the Killer to be able to tell you sexes, but the Pastel Clown is a boy.

I am very stoked that these babies are here, and that I hit such good odds, but I really need the odds to be in my favor in terms of healthy living babies.

It's the worst to hit on an animal that you've been dreaming of producing, just to find that there are issues that may take them away from you.

So... Send all the good luck and wishes this way you can, please. I'd appreciate it!

Have a great day, my friends!

Friday, August 3, 2012

..sigh.. Complications

Let me begin by saying I love what I do. I really do. Hatching out snakes and playing with genetics is a ton of fun to me, and I greatly do enjoy it.

There are instances wherein I complain and resent some of the things I have to deal with, but overall, I really do enjoy breeding Ball Pythons.

Take last night, for example. I come home, I check my snakes, and I find this female on eggs. This is my Pastel Yellowbelly female, and she was bred to the Super Pastel Lesser male. Should be an awesome clutch, right?


Problem is, how is it that I am going to identify right out of the egg, what some of these babies are?

YBs can be subtle, and I would hate to call something what it isn't, only to find out later I was wrong.

Perfect example is this clutch right here that hatched last night.

This is my Firefly to Pewter clutch.

No problem, right? You can tell what things are... 


Maybe I'm having an off day, maybe I'm trying to see things I'm not...

I see 0.1 Fire, 1.1 Pastel somethings, 2.0 Pewter somethings, and a 0.1 Sterling Fire. 

Pastel somethings and Fire

I just don't want to claim that these things are Fire something without seeing them after a shed.

The only two I am 100% sure of is the Sterling Fire and the Fire.

The rest, we will have to wait and see.

Let us remember that I have hatched out a Pewter Fire before, although she was a Black Pewter Fire...

So with the Cinnamon Pewters, things tend to be lighter anyway.

Of course, while I was pondering, I thought this would be a great idea to pull a Pewter and compare.
Problem is, I only have Black Pewters to compare with right now. And he's already shed... so of course much darker than the newly hatched Cinnamon Pewters anyway. 

So I am stuck not calling it. I know what I think they are, I know what I HOPE they are, but until they shed and grow a smidge, I am going to let you guys let me know what you think.

Even with the Pastels too..

Breeding with multiple genes can be a pain in the ass, that's for sure. I kinda miss the good ol' days where I could be 100% sure IN THE EGG what I had.

But where is the fun in that, right?

Have a great day, my friends.