Friday, January 29, 2010

Dark and Delicious

There are some people that don't like the dark morphs, and thats okay.

I'm not one of them.

I have a special place in my heart for those dark morphs, the ones that make the pattern deeper and richer, and the ones that make things darker and even black.

The most overlooked dark morph is the Sable. I think they are just an absolutely untapped morph, and they can and will do some awesome things in combos.

They don't look like much in terms of the WOW factor, but I really think in subtle terms, they are a great morph. Lots of black and mottled pattern. I like them!

And then there are the Black Pastels. Some of them are outstandingly black and have an amazing black pattern in their patterns! But there are others that are rather drab. The beautiful chocolate heads make them stand out, and so does the pattern. But again, some people don't like them as they are darker and only make darker snakes...

Just like the Cinnamon, which is almost equivalent to the Black Pastel, but with more subtle pattern and coloration. Brighter chocolate tones overall, lighter sides, but has the same chocolate head. They can do great things, such as the Pewter, the Super Cinnamon, and many other things!!! Great combinations to be made...

Het Reds are also awesome, very subtle and not too pizazzy, but can make some awesome combinations!

Take two not so snazzy animals and combine them together, and you get something like THIS!

How can you be mad at that?

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pastel Lesser glory

Well, one of my favorite animals that I hatched out last year was completely unexpected. I got my Pastel Lesser male late in the season (around this time of year), and I put him into quarantine. After he was done and cleared, I put him in with a few females, one being one of my largest normal females. I didn't expect much, considering it was around March or April that he was introduced, but I did it anyway, just for shits and giggles.

A few months later, and my big normal girl lays eggs. This was one of my Mystery clutches of 2009, and I was waiting and watching. Two more months, and two BEAUTIFUL Pastel Lessers hatch out of the egg. One being my solid striped beauty that I am infinately proud of, and the other was this one, who is absolutely beautiful, but didn't get as much of the spotlight due to the complete striped sister.

So here she is, The Other... Maybe that will be her name.

I gave her the photographing session she deserved, and she ate it up! She even gave me a neener neener.

Hopefully, I will be getting more Pastel Lessers this year similar to the golden girls I hatched out this year. I am attempting to do Super Pastel Lessers as well. I really like the way they look, but I also want to see some Pastel Mojaves to compare them to. That is also part of the plan this season.

I'm excited to see what is in store for hatchings, if I could only settle on a few things that will hatch out... Oh well. At least we know I'll be doing Pastel Lessers.


Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pairings of the week

Well, I finally got a few pictures of the pairings I have. Problem is, no one is really LOCKED.

Kinda irritating that I can't catch a lock, persay.

But here it is...

Pastel in shed with Gee, the G-stripe. Hoping for lots of Pastel het Genetic Stripes...

Pastel not in shed with my studly Pied male. Hoping for lots of Pastel het Pieds...

And lastly but not leastly, Carmine the Caramel with one of my Hypo females. Hoping for lots of double het Caramel Ghosts.

You notice I'm doing lots of recessive pairings this week.

Why, yes!


Well, I really want to get my recessive projects in order, and this is a great way to get some females ready sooner rather than later. Hopefully there will be enough females in the clutches, but we'll just have to see.

This is not to say that I'm not doing my co-dom stuff, but right now, the pairings are sparse.

Sterling x Pewter
Pastel Super Mojave x Mojave
Lemon Blast x Spider
Pastel Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly
Axanthic het Albino x Het Albino
Pastel Orange Ghost x Black Pastel
Pastel Lesser x Normal
Bumblebee x Normal
Enchi x Pastel

So we shall see...

I'm hoping that the pairings come to fruition soon. Locks would be nice to see!

So cross your fingers for me, and have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rambling about breeding

I've pretty much figured out that I am not as prepared this season as I was last year.

Last year, I had goals that I had set out and less worry about what I needed to do with what animals. I had a page out of what was going to be paired up with what down in my snake room, on the wall.

This year, I didn't get around to doing that.

Why, do you ask?

Well, I have to say I had other things that were more pressing. Life tends to give you lemons once in a while.

So, my snake pairings were not at the forefront of my mind.

Why does that really matter, Heather? You are putting males in with females and stuff.. Why are you complaining?

Well, my friends, I don't like being disorganized.

ESPECIALLY when baby snakes that are hets for things, or maybe not so much can be tossed around.

PLUS, with females that I don't have plans for but should makes me antsy and annoyed.

So I really need to buckle down and write things out.

But with things getting busy again over here, I have not much time to sit out and write out everyones breeding plans.

I'm trying to get a computer program to share with you guys as well as be more organized on the website, but it seems to take a while to find the right program and software.

Hopefully I can get that up and running sooner rather than later. That way, I can feel more confident in this season, cause right now, I feel like a chicken with my head cut off.

I'm sorry for the rambling, and lack of photos of breedings. I tend to miss the locks when I have the camera out, or I am cleaning and it doesn't cross my mind to break out the camera.

So this is a promise that I am getting into the real groove, trying to get my act together, and that I will have many more photos to share.

If you wanna see something, let me know! I do take your requests very seriously.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Trick that I picked up

Well, I went to Las Vegas this weekend to have a bit of fun, and to see The Lion King musical on Broadway.


I wish that I could have taken photos, but they wouldn't let us... So here is a picture I found of someone who did get to take pics! Yes, those are people in thos animal costumes.

WOW, right??

I really enjoyed it, very beautiful, lovely music and really amazing costumes. I suggest if you have time to go and see it!

Anyway, so while in Vegas, I visited my friend Tim Johnson and his lovely wife Liza at Royal Morphs.

His collection was awesome, but I didn't have my camera with me.

But what I did get from them was a trick that I LOVE in terms of breeding.

All you need is some binder clips and some tags.

Put them together like this...

and it makes a GREAT labeler for where males are in terms of breeding!

Here is what I did when I got home last night.

It is a great way not to lose track of where the males are, and you don't need to write something on the tub each time you move the male around!

Thank you Liza and Tim for this awesome trick! Saves me a bunch of time and headache.

I hope this helps you guys out there as well!

Begin your new week well, my friends.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What kind of problems have I seen?

As long as I have been breeding and caring for Ball Pythons, I have seen a few problems happen in the collection.

I have had Mites, Respiratory Infections, Belly Rot, and rat injuries. In terms of breeding, I've had twisted umbilicus in the egg, dead babies in the egg, and females that have egg binding issues.

Most of these are preventable, and thru learning and experiencing them, I have to say I feel more prepared and ready for problems.

Death is also a big part of the problem arena.

Babies that just decide not to eat sometimes happen, severe bodily injuries, as well as the random death of an animal due to internal issues.

I have had deaths in the collection, but I always have necropsies done to find out what the problems are.

Over the past five years, I have only lost four animals.

One necropsy that was performed informed me that the animal in question had a liver issue, and would have died no matter what I did.

I have heard of people dropping animals and breaking their spines. I have heard of feeder rats eating snakes when left in too long. I have heard of severe belly rot and skin issues becoming necrotic and killing the animal. I have heard of deaths due to mites dehydrating an animal to the point of no return. Respiratory infections that get too deep set, and are too far involved can kill a ball python as well.

So death is a part of working with the animals.

And as the caretaker of the animals, you need to be on top of these problems. Be cautious and aware, and treat animals pre-emptively.

Be friends with your Vet. He or She will be your go-to person.

And of course, problems are going to happen.

So here are a few things I have learned from my own experiences with problems:

-Pretreat any incoming snakes for mites, whether or not you see mites on them.
-Be aware of the feeder rodents you feed if you feed live. Rats will fight back, and can do damage. The larger the rat, usually the more fight in them, and the more damage they can do.
-Hissing and popping can be signs of a problem. Keep a very close eye on animals that make funny noises.
-Get your husbandry spot on, and make sure that your humidity isn't too high in one area and too low in another. This will cause problems.
-Eggs are complicated, and treat them nicely, but know that not all of them will survive, no matter what you do.

So there you go.

Did I scare you off yet?

Don't worry, that's why I tell you these problems! So that you can forgo them and enjoy your collection without stressing out as much.

Remember this, my friends...

You are doing this to create new life. To make more beautiful animals. So take care of them as well as you can, and when you can't, ask for help. There are people out there that can and will help you, including me!

And I am going to end this weeks blog by sharing a breeding photo of the POG with a Het female.


Have a great weekend, my friends.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shouldn't there be more to it??

In the last blog, I went over what it took for a Ball Python breeder to be successful. Well, it wasn't very long, now was it?

Shouldn't there be more to it than that?

Well, as I mentioned before, I can talk to you all day long about what you can expect, but there are plenty of things that can and will happen when you least expect it.

Death is a huge part of it, injury another, and of course, those animals who don't eat for a year or so...

But besides all the bad stuff, it seems too simple, doesn't it?

Year one:

Pick out your babies
Feed and water your babies
Clean up after your babies
Repeat over and over and over

Year two:

Feed and water your subadults
Clean up after your subadults
Repeat over and over and over

Year three:

Weigh your adults to see if they are ready for breeding
(1500 grams+ for females, 700 grams for males)
Feed and water your adults
Clean up after your adults
Repeat over and over and over


Put male in with female when the season begins (October-June)
Clean, Feed, Water as usual
Watch neurotically at the females for signs of being gravid. (If you have an ultrasound, I envy you!)
Make egg box
Plug in incubator
Wait some more
Oh, look, EGGS!
Place Eggs in egg box
Wait 2 months, while keeping an eye on humidity in the box

Return to Year One for Babies, Return to Year Three for Adults.

Begin all over again.

Now, you may be asking, REALLY??? That just seems too basic, too simple, too.. boring.

Well, as I keep saying over and over again, expect the unexpected cause it will happen!

Lots of issues can be occur during all that time outlined.

But yes, in the most basic of all outlines of how to work it, it is that simple.


Now I don't include the anxiety attacks, grey hairs, near heart attacks and other medical issues YOU will have during the season, but that's not what we are talking about. We are talking about the SNAKES. We'll talk about YOU later...

Remember this, it is an amazing experience, an amazing ride, and no matter how simple it seems to be, you will enjoy it if you have the love for the animals. Hatching out your own baby snakes is absolutely glorious. There is a reason I do it year after year. It's a miracle in its own right.

Have a great day, my friends.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You wanna breed Ball Pythons? Well, Listen up...

So, you wanna breed Ball Pythons, eh?
You have the drive, the passion, the energy and the will to make it happen.

But you need more than that to make it really work for you.

Are you in it to make the snakes, or make the money?
Do you want the most awesome collection on the planet, or do you want the cash rollin' in?

Here's the main thing about breeding ball pythons..

It's about both for most people, including myself.
Yeah, I really love my ball pythons, but I also love the money it brings in.

But with that comes the other people who are only into it for the money. Its very hard to do business with someone who undercuts the prices of the animals you work very hard for just because they are looking to make a quick buck.

So what to do in that situation? Well, produce what you love, and know that you may be holding on to those animals for a few months or more.

Should that matter? No. You should be prepared for that and be ready to house more animals than you intend to keep. Such is the life of a breeder.

What do you need to know as an up and coming breeder?

Customer service is key, and being a good person is a huge thing in this industry. Your reputation should speak for itself, so that people can and will trust you. And, of course, with that, you should be trustworthy!

And I know I've mentioned it before, but buying snakes from reputable people, people you can count on and trust is KEY in this industry. You are representing animals, especially hets, and you NEED to know that what you have is what you have.

Well, now that you know how to act, here we come around to the snakes themselves.

They are easy animals to care for and own, great pets, but here are a few pointers I want to make sure anyone out there who owns a Ball Python knows:

~Have a trustworthy reputable REPTILE specializing veterinarian. I cannot stress this enough. Baytril is great, but it is not the cure-all save-all that some veterinarians tout.

~Know that having patience is a huge virtue in this business. Things will NOT go to plan, and if they do, enjoy it while it lasts, cause it doesn't happen often.

~DO NOT count on a male to breed the first year you have him. If you do, you are bound for disappointment. It may happen, but as I said in the previous point, enjoy it while it lasts, cause the next male you have your heart set on may make you crazy.

~DO NOT count on a female to breed at 1500grams. Weight is only one of many factors about breeding females that you need to take into account. 3 years is a safe bet, as well as 1500 grams, but there are those females that that 10 years to get to 1500 grams, so... again, back to the second point I brought up, have patience.

~Buying adult animals to breed the next year is a crap shoot. There are no guarantees that the females or even the males are going to be in shape enough to be put through the ringer of the breeding season.

~Know that no matter how prepared you think you are, there will be problems you are not ready for, issues that will come up that will throw you for a loop, and craziness that can come from anywhere. Expect the unexpected, and try and be ready for it!

So all in all, it really is a lot of fun. Just know that things happen, and those things that turn you upside down make life more interesting!

Enjoy it, and if you don't, then maybe this isn't the hobby for you. Lives are on the line, and make sure to care for each one of them.

Love it, live it, enjoy it, and know that it is a greatly rewarding hobby if you do it the right way.

And don't forget, have a great day, my friends!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Base Ball Python Morphs, favorites and those that are forgotten

What is your Favorite Base morph?

Mine? I really love most of them. I like to think that they all have great potential and are beautiful in their own right.

But to top the list are the Pieds, Albinos, Axanthics, Pinstripes, Spiders and Black Pastels. Pastels, Fires and Enchis are close seconds.

But wait, Heather.. those are a big group of them, they can't all be your favorites. Well, they kinda are, and they also ebb and flow as favorites. Ask me tomorrow what my favorites are, and the list will be different.

And there are those that are under appreciated, including Sables, Vanillas, Granites, and Genetic Bandeds (aka Tiger). Mostly dark morphs, or subtle morphs that do slight things to a combination.

Well, as a breeder, I have to appreciate them all. Base morphs are great things, and you have to love what they can do.

Lets see if I can list most of them.

Base Morphs:

Genetic Stripe
Lavender Albino

Black Pastel
Het Russo
Het Red Axanthic
Orange Dream

Yes, I am aware that this is not a complete list, considering there are new things that are proved out (or not) every year. I applaud those that take the time to dink and prove out new base morphs. I hope to do that soon as well, as I have a few dinkers up my sleeve.

And I did prove out my black back to be a Het Red Axanthic, so.. I'm on the right track!

Anyway, with all the new things happening in the Ball Python world, I'm sure my list will need to be updated soon enough. If you guys out there in Internet land can add anything, that would be great as well!

As much as I know about Ball Pythons, I don't know it all. Who does? There is so much out there that happens...

Have a great day, my friends. It's raining, and snake sex abounds. Breeding pics tomorrow for sure!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Q and A time

Well, I know there have been plenty of questions over the course of the last few weeks about things that I have posted, so I am going to approach them now. I have seen them, and I do want to answer them!

The most recent question comes from Jackie about the Specials:

"They react with the BEL genes, is that the deal? So are they related to NERDs hidden gene?

And what all have they been mixed with, and with what results?"

They react with the BEL genes, yes, although I don't know if anyone has worked them into the Butters as of yet, but I do believe it will work. I've been told the Mojave Crystals are the nicest Crystals, so that's what I am working with.

Brian at BHB has done the Lesser Crystal, and I've not seen it in person, but it does seem to be less outstanding in pattern and color.

They are not related to NERDs hidden gene as far as I know, but since not many people have the Hidden Gene to begin with, I may be wrong, as I am pretty sure it has not been done yet.

Specials have been mixed with Pinstripes, Cinnamons, Pastels, Mojaves, Lessers, Pewters and more than likely a few I'm not aware of, but I think those are that of main stream knowledge. I don't have access to all the photos, but I will try and get a few photos together for the next Special session.

Crystals have only been made in combination with Pastels so far. There will be plenty more soon enough.

"Are green ghosts the same as orange ghosts and butterscotch ghosts and other hypos? And what's up with the G1 ghosts?"

Green ghosts and orange ghosts and butterscotch ghosts are all different in terms of LINES of the morph. Are they the same? It depends... It gets very sticky in terms of what is compatible with what, and I am not the foremost expert on the topic. I know that Yellow, Butterscotch and Orange tend to be compatible. Green and Blue CAN be compatible, but I am not going to make a definitive statement, because I have not seen for myself that this is the case.

G1 was one of the first ghost lines that WAS NOT compatible with others. Why? I have no idea... but it isn't. So keep an eye out and make sure what you are working with is compatible with what you have. Its safer to stay within the color lines, but not all of them are a guarantee as well, as people just tack colors onto an import ghost and hope for the best.

Its a tough situation, and I hope maybe someone soon will come out and say with confidence that THIS is compatible and THIS isn't. But that won't be me.. I'm only working with Yellow and Orange. Anyone want to comment on this?? This is a great conversation to speak on.

Krystal and Jackie ask about Kona:

"HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious! Has she gotten over it yet, or is she still enthralled whenever she sees the rats?"

Still... to the point where if the room is open, we know she'll be in the room, watching. Its actually kind of odd.

"Hah, my fuzzes love boxers! How old is she? She looks big enough to be full-grown, but her face looks kinda puppy-ish still to me."

She is 6 months old! She is still a puppy for sure...

Anonymous asks:

"Awesome locks! Did you get the Mac or PC?"

Neither!! With everything happening in the last few months, the computer was put on hold. So I am still working on acquiring it, but it will be a Mac.

Bring on the Questions, my friends! There are days where I feel like there is not enough to talk about, and I hate to ramble on forever without adding something of quality. If you have a question or a request, please feel free to ask them here, and I will answer them as soon as I can!

Have a great day, my friends. It's MONDAY!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Fuzzes and a Special moment

Well, as you well know, we have two dogs now, and both of them are my mascots for the snake room. Regal and Kona are my babies, and my fuzz pets.

Kona LOVES it in there, to the point where she will cry if I am in there with the door closed.

Regal has never been super intrigued about the snake room, but he will come in and hang out with me occasionally. He doesn't care much about it either way, as long as we are together.

And of course, we cannot forget Marty Cohen...

And Flamey

With every other non snake mascot in the room, there are plenty of snakes that need cheering on, especially during the breeding season!

RA RA RA!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! Etc, etc, etc...

Anyway, I took a really good photo of one of the Specials again, just to show off how they are growing up.

I know a lot of people are curious still about them, and there is very little information about them out there. So, I will answer any questions you may pose to me OTHER THAN PRICE.

I do not intend to price these animals right now, nor am I comfortable doing so as I am not selling them, so if you are interested in a Special, talk to me after I hatch them.

So with that being said, ask away!

And, I will approach any questions on Monday.

Have a great weekend, my friends.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breeding and deciding...

So I have a few breedings that are happening, but things are still slow over here. The season is going to be late.

I have a few locks, but more males just sitting there than anything.

Here in So Cal, the cold isn't really cold enough.

There are males that are trying, but females not really having it.

Here is my Pied and one of the last poss hets I need to prove out.

And Carmine, who is attempting with a poss het as well. He is a Bell Line Caramel, and yes, he is stunning!

I can't wait to see some baby caramels popping out. That should be a lot of fun!

And the actual only one that was locked when I was taking pictures, my beloved Gee. He is working his magic on a poss het that didn't prove last year. We'll try again this year, and see if there is some Het in "that thar female". (Yes, the female can be a het or she can't be... there is no "Some Het". It was a joke. HAHAHAH! Heather made a funny!)

And what is this about deciding? Well, this Cinnamon female was going to get a break this year, as she is the mother of Lucky of 09', but she has recovered well and I was considering putting her in with someone.

The real problem is... WHAT MALE to put her with?

I can absolutely just not use her, but I am getting worked up about what I COULD do, so... You guys can help me out here.

So I am crossing my fingers for more cold weather for more locks, as there should be a storm coming in this weekend. Lets see what happens!

These boys need to get in gear! I'm getting anxious...

Have a great day, my friends.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Genetic Stripes and what they are all about..

I know I've been over this before, but I really like Genetic Stripes. They just have a great look to them, and even though they "kill" the pattern of a normal ball python.

And what has been done with them? Well, even the base morph has to many different looks to it, including the broken stripes and the blotched side patterns. I prefer solid stripes and solid sides myself.

At the show, I saw a few Genetic Stripes that caught my eye, including this one. This is a Pastel G-Stripe, and I have to say, I covet it.

There are a few other Genetic Stripe combos that have been done, such as the Cinnamon G-Stripe, the Pewter G-Stripe, the Ghost G-Stripe, the Albino G-Stripe, and a few more.

The Bells had a Yellowbelly Pastel G-Stripe at the show that was pretty interesting. (I didn't take a picture, and now I regret it)

I kinda wonder how the Pied G-Stripe will look...

Anyway, I am up for working with them for a long time, and I can't wait to see more of what it can do!

Have a great day, my friends.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snakes and Incubators

Well, its time for the season of getting ready for eggs, if you don't have them already (which I don't).

So you're out there wondering what to do, let me assist you in your decision.

Over the years, I have used several incubators, but only a few have made the list of what I would use no matter what, and those that didn't will get on the list of not worth buying.


Hovabators - Why? Cause they are cheap and tend to fluctuate really badly from hot to cold. They can and do work if you have the right tools, but out of the box, they just don't work well.

Anything over $500 that holds less than 10 clutches - Why? Cause that is waaaay too expensive! Granted, if you have the money, feel free to do it, but wouldn't you rather use the money for new snakes?

WHAT TO BUY (Depending on your need):

Natures Spirit Incubators - Why? They can hold 6-8 clutches of 6qt tubs, and they are really very solid in terms of what they are made of, as well as keeping the temps. You may need to put water bottles in to keep the temps even, but that depends on where you live and the external environment.

Big Apple Herp Incubators- Why? I use two of these, and I can incubate 12 clutches of 6qt tubs each. Most people use these before they move into a room incubator or something along those lines. That is my plan.. They are constant in temps, very well built, and can withstand some damage (aka falling things in the garage). These are my favorite incubators that I own. They are on the expensive side, but they are worth it, and if you can (as I did), buy them used!

OR, you can totally build your own.

I am not the builder in any way shape or form, so I suggest doing some research before jumping into such an endeavour. It can be worth it, but I personally don't trust myself.

So, I hope this helps!

Closer to the time when I pull them out to plug them in, I will take more pics and more details will follow.

I love Mojaves! This is my Mojave het Hypo. One more year, and I am going to plug her into the POG or maybe a Humblebee if I can hatch one. Oh the possibilities!

Enchis, one year later and this years hatch. They do change a bit, don't they? How cool are they? I really think they are a great morph to own. Everyone should have one. I can't wait to have my harem up to size to encorporate into the males. Yeehaw!

And my Woma... She makes me smile. I really do like this morph, and I can't wait to see what she turns out to be in a few years. Here's to hoping!

Have a great day, my friends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Reptile Super Show

This weekend was the Reptile Super Show in Pomona, and we went and enjoyed the sights and sounds.

There were actually a few really cool new things that I had never seen before, all of them not Ball Python related, but I took photos of what I could to share with everyone!

This is a brand new import from Japan, the Japanese Blue Pacman Frog. They were immediately sold before the show opened, but they were being shown off. It had a fancier name, but I don't think I caught it to relay to you in the photos.

You breed a Blue to a Normal Pacman, and they produce all the morphs in the photos. How cool is that???

This is the VPI Axanthic Spotnose. I like it, and look forward to seeing the Axanthic Powerball. Should be really cool!

Lots of Cresteds in cups!

USARK was there to get the community to sign and send off letters to local congresspeople regarding S373. I signed mine, donated some money, and I got a really cool shirt!

You can do the same at

And another awesome charity that I am a member of is the IRCF, the International Reptile Conservation Foundation. Here is my friend Desiree Wong (No relation, but a good friend), and her friend working her booth at the show. Please, if you care about reptiles in the wild, take a look at the IRCF and donate!

And the rats... poor rats.

The Snakekeepers table was beautiful, as always...

The Tri-Stripe, with an amazing $20,000 price tag, as one of the newest recessive projects in Ball Pythons.

And a personal favorite from a personal friend, Becky Wilitts, The White Gold, the Mojave Pied. If only I could...

Some rocking Leopard Geckos, they are really cute.

And a lot more amazing ball python morphs to be seen!

We had a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed going. To those of you I missed, I'm sorry I did! To those I saw, we'll see you again at the next local show!
Soon enough I'll be back to doing the shows, but for now, I get a break. It was nice to walk around and not have to worry about manning a booth.

But until I get my white leathery gems in the incubator, I'm not going to worry about doing shows. It's a nice respite.

Speaking of incubators, I will go over what I use tomorrow, as well as a few other things. Have a fantastic day, my friends.