Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interesting Fail Clutches

I don't know if I really should have titled this blog "Fail clutches", but they came out way worse than I was anticipating.

These girls that laid were at around 1200 grams, which is the general minimum for breeding female size. I paired them up very sparingly, because they were that small.

I actually didn't even count them into the season really to lay eggs. I had just been watching them to see. I was right...

This is Tim3's clutch. I didn't even get photos of the females on eggs, because of the fact that I saw them and was so suprised. But I did get egg photos.

This is a mystery clutch, because I don't recall who went in with the female. One slug, one boob egg, and two good eggs. I'll take it.

Najya wasn't even supposed to lay this year... She is a poss het ghost poss het Albino female, so I put her in with the albino. I took them out after a few days, and let her be. Didn't think she was even interested in him. Apparently, she took.

TWO Eggs... I've never had such a small clutch before...

She is a beautiful animal, and it would be great if she was actually a het, but with two eggs on the ground, it may be tough to prove her this year. Let's see what happens!

So these are fail clutches because of the poor egg count (although granted, at least we got eggs from them), and the slug and boob ratio. They are being incubated, and will be hopefully the catalyst to some healthy baby snakes, but still...

Heather's fail for not realizing that yes, small females will take, yes, they will lay eggs, and no, don't count them out of the rotation if you do breed them.

I did know that they would have taken, but I suppose I expected better clutch count. Oh well.

Clutches #21 and #22 on the ground, my friends...

Lets hope they make it!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Wedding number One was Joel's classmate from his Masters Program.

The couple knew we weren't married, but apparently.. I was Heather Lopez.

Day wedding!!! (It was bright, and I didn't get the best pics)

I loved the flowers...

And here is the Boat, the Destiny... Pretty!!!

And the harbor... We went out while they were getting married and trolled back and forth in Newport for the wedding and reception. It was a beautiful day!

I thought this was HILARIOUS...

This one is really cute too..

Scott and Ashley... What a beautiful wedding, and they both looked so HAPPY!

Again, loved the simplicity of the flowers..

And it was very elegantly simple in every aspect. I was very impressed with it!

And here I am enjoying the day! (Thanks for the pic, Drew)

After everything was said and done, we really had a great time, and I really enjoyed the boat idea. Very simple and classy!

We docked, and waited a few hours until wedding number two, which was MY friends from College. I actually hooked the two up, so I was really very honored and happy to be able to be there for the wedding!

We boarded the Athena for the second round, but I didn't take photos of the boat (looked very similar from the outside)

My friend Suleyma looked beautiful in her classic dress.

My buddy Adrian... Trying to keep it cool.

And Suleyma doing the same..

And there they are... The happy couple!!!

So glad to be able to be a part of this moment... So proud!!

Yes, I did change... and looked way too excited in this photo... ACK!

And the sun started to set... It was absolutely gorgeous!!! I also loved the centerpieces. Again, simple elegance...

Me, enjoying the breeze outside..

Joel and I again...

And a beautiful end to a beautiful love filled day.

I was really happy for my friends, and was blown away by the fact that all day was a celebration of love on boats in the same place!!! (So were the couples.. they were shocked!)

Not sure when the next weddings will happen, so we shouldn't need to have a wedding bonanza again anytime soon, but I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. I know I did!


Reptile Super Show

Okay, I finally have had a bit of down time, so I think it is only appropriate to do the weekend updates now.

So Saturday, we went to the Reptile Super Show in San Diego for the day.

I took my camera, but to be honest, I didn't take many pics.

All of the pics on this blog are taken by Kesslers Kreatures, Lewie Kessler.

The show was PACKED!

I saw a lot of people picking up supplies, and having fun. Lots of cool things to scope out.

Lots of fun stuff!!

I love these guys.. They are just too cool colorwise.

I was scoping out the Crested Geckos. This one was too cute, and Lew liked its smile! And the smile on this Beardie wasn't too shabby either!

PACMAN FROGGGG!!! (Fantasy, more than likely)

A Sexy looking Blue Tounged Skink. I want one of these guys, but not yet...

Beware the stare of the rattler... Even that is venomous. OUCH!

Speaking of Ouch.... (This guy is fake, if you couldn't tell...)

And another Crestie.. I am waiting for THE ONE male to pop out and be mine.

Some awesome Ball Pythons on display..

And the ultimate.. Caramel Glow. Working on that project for SURE!

So after the show, wheeling and dealing, enjoying the time there, we all went out and had a few drinks and some chow.

Maki from Pacific Coast Reptiles and I.

Me, Anna, Fred (the fuzzy Rat), Raul from West Coast Jungle, Nancy Wheat from Tangerine Gecko, and Wes Pollock.

Tim and Liza from Royal Morphz, Tom Baker striking a pose, Ben (Swoof) and Chris smiling!

Lydia and Pat from Cali Coils, Tim and Liza, Joe and Joel, the back of Lori's head (Raul's wife), Ben and Tom.

Tony and Kim, and myself! Thanks for the fun, guys!

Joel and I with FRED!!!

It was a great time, and I really always enjoy hanging out with my local friends. I only had that night, since we had to get going for the weddings on Sunday, but I really enjoyed it, and it always reminds me that I have such great friends and make more friends every year at these things.

It was great!!!

Can't wait for Anahiem in September!!!

Things happen for a reason

Well, things are changing a lot around here.

I am now free to do whatever I want for a while. What does that mean?

This is the first day of the rest of my life, and I am moving on.

To those of you who have also been in this situation of being unemployed, remember that things always happen for a reason.

Friday was the day, so now this is an extended vacation for me until we leave for New York next week.

So now, I have plenty of time to catch up on snake stuff, clutches, cleaning and so forth.

Speaking of clutches, Clutch #20 is on the ground, my friends.

Do you remember me whining about my Cinny who was skinny and didn't look like she was going to go?

Well, Friday night, after an emotional rollercoaster, I got this as a huge surprise!!

I am very pleased to be able to possibly get some Super Cinnies or even a Silver Bullet!

As this weekend was so packed with activity, I am actually going to split them up in different blogs.

Clutch #20, 4 eggs, Pewter to Cinny!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend prep

Well, soon we go into the weekend, and I am ready to run around!!

The Reptile Super Show is tomorrow and Sunday in San Diego, which we will be at on Saturday, and on Sunday, we have the two weddings to attend!

I don't recall if I mentioned the story of two weddings in one day. Didn't think it would happen? Me neither.

Once upon a time, Joel and Heather got an invitation to a wedding. Whose? Why Heather's old college dorm buddies from way back in the day! Heather even set them up! WOW!

So Heather RSVPed, all happy and excited for the wedding to happen.

A few days go by, and Joel gets an invitation to a wedding. WOW! Another one! Whose? Why Joel's buddy from his Masters program. How cool is that? Alright! Lets go!

Oh wait... It's on the same day. How are we going to manage?

Let us analyze..


They are both close to each other, in Newport. That may work. They are at different times. Cool!

Wait, look!!



Back on track, my friends.


You thought I went to a lot of weddings already? I get to do TWO IN ONE DAY!!!

Prepare yourself on Monday to be deluged by Wedding Photos and Snake Show Photos.

I'm prepared. Got a new doo (my hair is now short and red), I lost 2lbs just by cutting my hair (WOO!), and I am ready for an exhausting but fun trip all over this weekend.

Keep me in your thoughts, my friends... I am going to need it.