Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting ready for Sacramento

So it's Friday, and that means that I am already prepped for the Sacramento Reptile Show.

I did this show last year and had a good time. It was actually run on my birthday last year, and a lot of cool costumes happened because it was very close to Halloween.

Revisit history HERE.

It was a good show last year and should be a good show this year as well.

I am looking forward to taking the trip, as I also get to hang out with family while I'm up there.

And of course, with prepping for a show comes getting things organized, which honestly I have not been the best at these past few months.

But lucky for me, my loving Husband is taking the trip with me and supporting me by reminding me of the little things while I pack up the snakes.

"Do you have the hand sanitizer? Did you pack the right pens? Did you get the laptop?"

Ahh, love.

Thank goodness.

Sometimes there are days where it gets overwhelming for just one person.

But the biggest problem that I am having this year is making sure I have enough space in the acrylics for all the critters. That is actually the hardest part is making sure that everything is in the right space with the right tags and the right price.

And of course, the tiny things like what color to use to label the acrylics and so forth.

It's always the little things...

Anyway, this show I plan on taking the camera and walking around a bit. Should be a good opportunity to shmooze and take some well deserved photos. It's been a while since I've been the photographer and not the target of photography.

Need to charge my camera battery!

Off we go, my friends. See you there if we see you, and I will report back if I don't.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hatching Yellowbelly stuff!

Over the years, I had crappy crappy luck with the Yellowbelly stuff. This year, I finally had a Pastel Yellowbelly female ready to breed, as well as my Pastel Yellowbelly male (who is her brother) to put to other females.

He produced a clutch, but they went bad...

She, my Pastel Yellowbelly female, on the other hand, was bred to a Super Pastel Lesser male, and produced this group of awesome that hatched out on Tuesday.

Look at the awesome!


Does it burn your retinas?

We got a Pastel, a few Super Pastels, a Pastel Yellowbelly, a pair of Pastel Lesser Yellowbellies, and a Super Pastel Lesser Yellowbelly male.

He is brand new and shiny, and I can't wait to see him shed out and more gorgeous.

And here he is with the pair of Pastel Lesser Yellowbellies. They are SMOKING animals. I am in love with the colors that they have.

One of them is staying here to play...

The others.. We shall see what happens.

Damn this focusing on the collection junk, man.

I'm going to go do some more soul searching... and prep for the Sacramento show.

Have a great day, my friends!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Special Combos

Well, I know there are a lot of you who are interested in knowing more about the Special stuff.

Tom Baker was the originator of the first line of Specials way back in the day. He didn't know what he had at first, and then when he got his hands on a Mojave (around 2006*, which back then was EXPENSIVE!), he produced the first Crystal and paradox Crystal.

(*I'm not 100% sure about the year, so....yeah.)

There are a few other lines of Special out there, including the BHB line, the TCR line and the Noco line of Specials.

They are all similar, although the Super form from Noco seems to be darker and with richer colors than that of the Baker line.

What has been done with these Specials?

They have been combined with (that I am aware of):

Super Pastels
Pastel Special

And to make Crystals:

Pastel Mojaves
Pastel Sulfurs
Sulfur Mojaves
Spider Mojaves

Now again, I'm sure I'm probably missing something, but those are the most prevalent combinations that I know have happened.

Things happen behind the scenes that aren't quickly shared with the public, so this is not an exhaustive list.

I don't have photos of a lot of these combinations as I am not the one who created them. I'm sure you can find them if you do some Google searching.

If you have anything to share that you are aware of in terms of Special combinations, feel free to comment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spider Stuff

Butter Enchi Spider

I have been working with Spiders since the beginnings of my collection, and although I was around for the revelation of the wobble/spin/special dance, I felt and still feel that Spiders have a solid place in peoples collections, should they feel the need to have a cool pattern morph.

I know people have been avoiding them a bit more now than they did before, but I think that the wobble adds character, and does not diminish the awesomeness that is Spider. They still breed, eat and function the same as other morphs, just a bit differently.

And of course, they add so much to the color and pattern variations of Ball Pythons.

Some of my favorite combinations in Ball Pythons have Spider in them.

Spinnerblasts = Awesome.
Queenbees = Shmexy.
SpinnerQueenblasts = Awesome Shmexyness! (Not sure if that is the industry name for it, btw)
Look at that POSE! How can you not love that?

Truly dramatic pattern morphs are limited in Ball Pythons...

Spider, Pinstripe, Clown, Calico, Woma, Genetic Stripe, Super Stripe, Pied, and to a lesser degree the Leopard.

So with that, you cannot discount what the Spider does for Ball Python kind.

TSK Axanthic Bumblebee
And of course, if you add awesome color variants to them, it's a whole other ball game.

Which is why I still appreciate and enjoy working with the Spider morph, and find that they offer a great deal to the combinations that are out there today.

So even if you don't own a Spider, you have to admit that they add a certain amount of awesomeness to an already awesome set of Ball Python morphs.

So yeah.

Go Spiders!

Monday, September 24, 2012


After a nice, somewhat relaxing weekend, I am back with a vengeance.

I managed to actually go out of my way and take some photos that are worth sharing, which is saying a lot, because recently I've been just taking pictures of animals that people are interested in seeing/buying.

Actually, I did take these photos for people who are interested in buying, but since they are so pretty, I'm going to share with you as well!

Here we have the Fire/Sulfur Crystal.

He is growing into his colors very nicely, and although his head pattern and coloration doesn't leave much to determine what is going on genetically other than Fire, I still have somewhat of a sneaking suspicion that this guy may prove out to be Pastel as well.

Crystals tend to be very yellow, and age into their colors. This guy will be no exception.. 

And my favorite not sure if I'm going to keep her, but probably not, female so far...

The Cinnamon Enchi. 

I absolutely adore her colors.

But since I have her sister the Pewter Enchi, which I don't adore as much as I do her, it's a toss up. Pretty is good, and I like looking at things that are pretty, but space is an issue...

Not sure on this one.

So as I go ponder this, have a great day, my friends.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend Break

I know I've been rather off on the blogging again, but this weekend has excited me to no end.

Last weekend was the NARBC Anaheim show.

This next weekend (the 29th and 30th) is the Sacramento Show.


I know that isn't that relevant to snakes in any way, but to keep ones sanity, sometimes you just have to step away.

This weekend shall be one of those weekends.

And I am excited!

I believe also that there may be a clutch hatching this weekend as well, so I will have fun things to share on Monday.

Real life can be a pain some days. Weekend break time makes me happy.

But with the weekend break time does allow for more fluid thoughts in terms of the collection, and what to do with what and how and when and etc...

Which sometimes gives me a headache, which is why I do it on my patio with a cold (or hot) adult beverage.


As you may have heard on Herp Herp Hooray, I am thinking about a lot of things, including picking up a GHI, Banana or something else basic high end.

And just thinking about that gives me a headache, knowing what can be done, what should be done, what would be worth doing, etc...

Yes, a drink sounds lovely.

And so does a weekend free.

You all have a lovely one, okay?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

VPI Axanthic Spotnoses

So the Spotnoses het VPI Axanthic x Spotnose het VPI Axanthic clutch hatched out yesterday!

I was really hoping to hit on a Powerball, but after much discussion with people who have done it, I apparently did not.

I was kinda hoping this one was...

And as you can see in the photo, the incubator issue is still somewhat prevalent although much less of an issue as before.

I have nubby tailed babies, but no kinks. The tails actually look like they folded over and fused to the base of the tail. It's rather interesting, and with a bit of surgery from a Cosmetic Vet (Do they even exist?), I'm sure they would look just fine!

Only these two, and I am willing to bet that it won't be an issue for their growth and development.

I'm not thrilled about it, but this is scads better than messed up eyes and kinked tails and junk.

So I got ALL Spotnoses, 1.1 being VPI Axanthic Spotnoses. I am pretty excited about that, seeing as how that will get me closer to the VPI Axanthic Powerball, and that these guys are my only VPI Axanthic visuals in the collection as of yet. 

The other Spotnoses are all males, and it's an interesting thing to note that the reduced pattern one is just so different from the others. I like it!

So there we have it.

Fun with a bit of sad mixed in. Bring it on, next season! We will hit on the VPI Axanthic Powerball... Just you wait!

Have a great day, my friends!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Holdbacks that aren't

I am a difficult person when it comes to making decisions about Ball Pythons... and by that I mean that I tend to flip flop, and regret decisions after they are made.

This is most prevalent in my holdbacks...

I hold back more than I need just to satisfy my own personal justification that this animal or that animal is amazing and awesome and could do wonders to my collection.

The problem with that is that there is a limit to what I can hold back, and to what I can handle in terms of numbers.

I do this by myself for the most part, and I have established that my animal limit is around 300 animals or so.

Every year, however, that number increases due to new generations of snakelings, and I am somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer amount of awesomeness (and work) that increased numbers entail.

And by awesomeness, I mean things to hold back as well...

So add another 25-50 awesome animals to the already full numbers that I have, and things get a bit complicated.

Take the Male TSK Snow I hatched out this year. He is not up on the available page because I am on the fence about selling him. Why??? Cause I don't have a Male Snow.

BUT.... I am still working towards my goal of making the Spider Snow, and this Snow I just hatched will help, but I still have a breeder Axanthic het Albino male as well. Snowman won't be able to help in the breeding sector for at least another year...

So is it really worth it to keep him as well as the Axanthic? Would you keep the Axanthic, or just keep the Snow and wait the project out for a year while you are growing him up?

These are the things that go thru my head as I stare at animals that are in the baby rack.

Is it worth it to me to hold back this animal and let it grow for several years, or should I just allow someone the luxury of having it in their collection?

Sometimes, like the Snow example, it is complicated.

Females are a bit easier, as you can never have enough female things, but then again, there is a limit.

So I will go thru my holdbacks and re-evaluate one more time, especially considering the NARBC Anahiem show is this weekend. What I finally decide to let go from my clutches will be on the table, and later on the website.

Here's to being able to let go...

Have a great day, my friends.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Naming Confusion

I am having a hard time keeping up with the special names that everyone is giving to new combinations.

Perfect example...

Yesterday, I was looking thru the classifieds, and I was looking for the general market price for Jigsaws.

Jigsaws have always been Mojave Pinstripes to me, but I found several ads that listed them (Jigsaws) as Lesser Pinstripes.

Then I found a Kingpin ad... which is also a Lesser Pinstripe.

So I got super confused, and started doubting my sanity and my memory...

But again, it has been a while since the Jigsaws and Kingpins came out, and people had a much stronger feeling and need to identify the differences between the Blue Eye Leucistic makers.

So now, it seems like the lines are blurred for a few people, and this is coming out in advertising.

So I had to ask people on my Facebook page for clarification.

And I found out that I am not crazy...

But that there are different ways to name the Super forms of stuff..

The Super Pastel Jigsaw is named WHAT?

I thought it was the Killer Jigsaw, since that seems to follow the Killerbee theme...

But then I heard that you could call it the Super Jigsaw Blast, which to me identifies the animal as a Super Pastel Mojave Pinstripe Pinstripe Pastel... (See how I did that?)

So being old school, I have been having some hesitation about how to name things due to the fact that these things are just confusing!

So I'm going to stick with the simple names. It's just easier.... but longer...


I can't win.

Have a great day, my friends!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crystal Fun Time

So I have hatched out more Crystal combinations this year than ever before. This here is my last Crystal so far... This is the Pastel Crystal male that hatched out last month.

He is pretty sweet looking, and I have to say, some of the most fun hatchings are the ones that are the most obvious in the egg.

It's not like you can see a pip and think... Naw, that's a Normal.


No sir-ee, Bob.

And here is his sister, a fantastic reduced pattern Special. It's interesting to note that he is also pretty reduced himself.

They are both pretty fiesty, and they are joined by a Pastel Special male in the clutch.

Lucked out big time on that one...

With everyone scrambling to get into the Special/Crystal/Mystic project, I am pretty pleased that I can offer such awesome animals, and that there is so much left to be done with the project as well.

I can't wait to see more crazy Crystal combinations. Crystal Super Sable? That would be pretty sweet...

What would you make Crystal?

What combinations would you dream up?

I'm thinking...

What about you?

Have a great day, my friends.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Clutch Updates with PICTURES

So I have been remiss using my camera. Honestly, it's cause the battery died.

But I recharged it, and we are all good!

So here we are, with photographic evidence that things have hatched, and things exist.

Let us begin.

Here we have the fail clutch of the season.

Butter Enchi het Hypo to Spider female...

Two animals dead in the egg, and these three normals, two of which are blind and have kinked tails.

They are all in shed, but you can see the eye problems, and the tails.

 Honestly, I think the tail thing on this one is kinda cute, like a pig tail.

This one just has it kinked up. It is a straight kink, nothing more.

Both are blind, all three are normals. I'm again not sure what I am going to do for these critters. Let's see if they shed out and eat.

And then, over the weekend, we had these two clutches hatch out.

This here is my Pastel Genetic Stripe to Het Genetic Stripe. Apparently, the odds gods were not with me.

BUT!!! They are all girls.

Speaking of all one sex clutches, this is the Pastel Super Mojave to Lemonblast clutch.

These guys are ALL BOYS.

We have two lovely Pastel Mojave males.

And these lovely Jigsaw and Super Pastel Jigsaw males as well.

I LOVE that they have the stripe to them. Seriously...

PinSTRIPE, as the name suggests.

Love it.

So there we have it.

Good, Bad, Ugly, and sad...

But that's alright.

Such is the life of a Ball Python Breeder.

Have a great day, my friends. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Relief, and yet....

So the next clutches are hatching, and so far, at least the heads all look good!

No eye problems, no missing jaw sections, no kinked necks.

The problem is really that I can only see heads.

But this is a good sign!

The next clutch due out is the Pastel Super Mojave to Lemonblast, and a Jigsaw has its head out, as well as a Super Pastel Mojave (so it looks like).

All clear so far.

I admit, I looked very very closely.

I poked noses to make sure they responded.

And we have the all clear!

Also, my Pastel Genetic Stripe to Het Genetic Stripe clutch is hatching. They are all good as well, but unfortunately for me, I didn't hit on any Stripes! Three HUGE eggs, and all not Stripey...

Sadness a bit, but there is a bright Pastel het in there that is pretty sweet looking.

So I am relieved, and yet still a bit dissapointed.

But such is life, right?

I am actually off tonight to go to Vegas and play.

I may stop by the Vegas Reptile Show this weekend as well, so if you are there, stop me and say Hi!

See you all on the flipside, my friends.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am having a moment with bugs..

I have some how accumulated some small spiders, fungus gnats and some flies in the room flitting around.

Of course, this is typical of working with animals, and not keeping things spotless, which is not possible for me, and most of the world.

High humidity and temperatures seem to make things more appealing to the insects, so of course, during the summer months, they have multiplied like crazy.

There aren't huge swarms, so to speak, but they are annoyingly present, as I don't like bugs in my presence for the most part to begin with.

Flies are incredibly annoying. They somehow get into the room and flit around loudly buzzing near my ears.

Fungus gnats just are tiny little bugs that seem to get around everywhere. They are easily ignored, but still annoying.
The spiders eat the gnats in their webs, and things get busy, as little black dots accumulate pretty easily.

So of course, I go thru with the vacuum and clean often. It's just a little unnerving to see all of this bug activity, but it is par for the course.

But the flies are the worst.


I manage to catch them often enough, but those suckers are crafty. And they are too big sometimes to get caught in the webs of the smaller spiders.

And do recall that I am somewhat Arachnaphobic, so I don't enjoy being put upon by a little spider who decides to come down to hang out from the ceiling.

Yes, I did have a moment yesterday involving chasing down Flies, and getting involved with a spider or two in the room...

So therefore, the blog discussion.

I am not against these critters, per se. I just would like to be not bothered by them as much.

Off I go to get some extra cleaning supplies and fly tape.

I will win this battle.

And the war.

Have an excellent day, my friends.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Freak out

So the other baby with bug eyes hatched out, with a bit less kinkage, but still bad.

Two babies out of five eggs kinked. One animal dead in the egg, and one still in the egg... not looking good.

So of course, as one would expect, I am slightly freaking out.

There are some very valuable clutches in my incubator, and if this is an incubator issue, I am screwed.

I have another clutch that is due in the next few days, and I am crossing all of my crossables that there is nothing wrong, and that this was just a fluke in this clutch only.

Why am I freaking out?

Cause that is what I tend to do...

I like to preach patience and understanding, and when I post it, I am also speaking to myself.

It is very unnerving to have such problems.

And I find it helpful to be reassured, as I'm sure many of you out there do too.

So here we wait, semi-patiently, to see if this is a consistent thing, or a fluke.

Fingers crossed for fluke...

Have a relaxing reassuring day, my friends.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fail (Not for the faint of heart)

Well, I didn't get to do as much as I wanted to do for the Website, but the snake room is IMMACULATE!

That is something to feel proud of...

And I am!

But with the fact that I accomplished some, I didn't accomplish all.

I hope that today after work I can actually get in there and make it happen.

I have been slowly organizing so that it will happen.

There is a lot of background work that is required before I actually have everything ready for the website, as you can understand.


And to top it all off, the Bunchi het Hypo to Spider clutch is hatching, and the babies are mostly deformed, with one Stinger Bee dead in the egg.

I'm not sure what is going on, but the eyes are bugging out, short jaws, and the tail is completely curl kinked on one of them.

This was a sad realization, and I honestly have not had this bad of luck with a season as I have this year.

I am trying to remind myself that this is part of what happens when you breed animals, but it still sucks really bad. I am not even sure if this guy is able to see, much less eat and function properly.

I am stuck trying to figure out what to do, which right now I'm not sure.

There is at least one more animal that has the same eye problem, but I haven't seen it out of the egg yet, so we shall see what else is going on.

As for me... I'm going to try and suck it up.

It happens, it is part of life, and although this is not ideal, it happened.

Handle it, Heather.

And to those of you out there that may not have experienced this yet, if you do this long enough, it will happen. And it's not fun.

Remember that this is part of life, part of breeding animals, and not everything comes out perfect and beautiful. There are the special cases that make you do some soul searching as to what to do. 

What would YOU do to this little baby?

Have a great soul searching day, my friends.