Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today was an interesting day....

So... This morning has started out rather interestingly.

I had finished cleaning the snake room last night in 90+ degree temps (92.1 degrees F at one point), gave water, and had basically lost 5 lbs of water weight cleaning up in the god forsaken heat at 8PM. I thought, wow.. Now that I have cleaned EVERYTHING.. watch something happen..

So I take a shower, and fall asleep..

7AM rolls along. 7AM??!?!?! My alarm didn't go off!!!

I rush to get ready for work and be there by 8AM..

I think.."Hey... I should probably check the gravids"

AND OF COURSE... 2 clutches were laid last night. That's 5 clutches down on the ground so far.

Not the best clutches in the world either..

Winda, one of my light females (in the photo) laid 3 eggs and one slug from my 07' Mojave male. Maybe he didn't get his job done right? I was kinda sad about it, but wasn't expecting that much out of him.

My last poss het Pied female of the year laid 5 eggs from my Pied.. Good ones, all candled well, but as I was removing her from the clutch, one of the eggs bounced out. That egg will be watched closely for any signs of badness.

Of course, as I was rushing out, I didn't palpate to see if there were any left.. I kinda hope there were, as the eggs were soft.

Got to work late, covered in vermiculite, but now get to sit down and reflect, and hope to see more when I get back to the room today.

Here's for hoping!!



When I got home, there were MORE EGGS. I didn't get a chance to palpate, and I had a feeling they weren't done, so here is the count:

Winda x Mojave: 7 eggs, one slug
Poss het Pied x Pied: 7 eggs


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