Friday, May 30, 2008


In an attempt to be upbeat and not moping, I am happy to report that it is FRIDAY and that the weekend is almost here.

I have been feeling kinda down the past couple of days with my egg production down lower than expected, and still feeling the loss of my Cinnies Het Albino (one of my dream projects). Its really just superficial, I know, but... yeah. It still kinda sucks.

Nothing new really to report on the egg front, but I am also glad to say that the male part of my family (Brother and Father) is now back in the US safe and sound.

Hopefully I will get some pics to share with you and post here... I'll work on it.

This weekend should be fun. Heading down to San Diego to meet up with a friend of mine, and see some critters.

Pics? Lets hope so.

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