Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcoming in the Long Weekend!!

So it's Friday. Friday before Memorial Day, which means a nice three day weekend to enjoy.

Joel, Regal and I are travelling up to San Francisco to visit with my mother tonight.

My father and my brother are in China right now living the life on the Silk Road (I am jealous). Hopefully if he can, my brother will be bringing me back some Snake Wine.

I am taking the camera up North with me, as this is my first time actually having a Blog that I USE, so I will have plenty of pictures to share and stories to tell. :)

I have Heather's Friend, Joe taking care of the animals when I am gone. Shouldn't be a big deal except for the new Cresties, but he took them with him home last night. Hopefully no catastrophic egg laying party, as my current incubator is pretty much full. (I'm setting up the new one when I get back)

Last night, I actually met one of my long time phone buddies, Tristan Egualada out of Santa Monica. We've been talking for at least a year over the phones, but finally met up last night, as I got a SWEET looking Spider Female from him. Isn't she gorgeous???

So keep a look out, and I will be posting lots of fun things soon!

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