Monday, May 19, 2008

Updates for the week

So it's been crazy over here...

It was 100+ degrees in the area, so it was a fun time cooling everyone down this weekend.

Joel graduated on Thursday with his Masters in the Physicians Assistant program, so this weekend was all family. ALL weekend...


Not much time to do snake stuff other than to spot clean and feed.

We got in a couple of adorable red crested geckos care of a friend, and so keeping them cool this weekend has been a fun experiment.

Here are photos of Tapatio and Cholula:


Got a lot of uncomfortable looking BP females this weekend as well, so hopefully we will be getting more clutches on the ground soon.

With everything going on, I hope to be able to take some updated photos of the collection tonight (the only time I have had free in a couple of days), so please check back!!!

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