Tuesday, August 13, 2013


So in the last few months, while clacking away at papers and the calculator, I actually, as I mentioned before, have been snake-ing.
(I'm trying to have the term catch on... What do you think?)

I actually have been doing a lot of stuff on Facebook, which I initially didn't plan on doing.
It's been nice to have an avenue just to post things up and just let it go at that. 
One sentence, easy. 

No significant amount of thought involved. 
And then I thought of all my loyal bloggers and how I hadn't been even giving them a sentence. Not one.... for a while.
And I felt a little guilty. 
So now, I'm sharing here what I shared on Facebook. 

This particular gem seemed to actually be rather popular. This little sucker came from the Vanilla het Hypo to Mojave Sulfur clutch. He is a Sulfur possible het Hypo male, and he is a SPITFIRE.

He bit me before the video and after, and I wanted to get some actual footage of a snake tail wag. 
It was not received well from some people, who seemed to think I was egging him on.
He was totally already there....

Trust me. I have the bites to prove it. 

Anyway, I wanted to get this and many other things on the history of the blog, for solidarity. I do go back and reference blogs I have done in the past, for my own recollection and for reference to share with others. 

It's been a good resource for me, and I hope to add more info that is useful soon!

I am planning on getting some good photos of the new stuff, discuss some things that have been crossing my mind, and asking for some input on some other things. 

I actually do have things to talk about.


It's happening, people. 

Summon the masses...

It's gunna get cray cray! 

Have a great day, my friends! 

Side note:
By the way, also, I am catching up on my shows..

Two words... 


and three more....


I may have to take a day off to get caught up... But then be sad that there isn't more to see... 
Hmmmmmmmmm.. First world problems for sure.

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