Monday, August 12, 2013

Super Show Blurb and discussion

Good morning, my friends.

It's Monday, and I am actually blogging...

This is the real deal, and I am going to ease my way into it for a bit and see how it goes.

This weekend was the Reptile Super Show, and it was a great time. Ramy always puts on an excellent show, and the Pomona Fairplex is an excellent venue to have such a large show happen at!

I was not able to attend on Saturday due to school, but I did make it after a quiz on Sunday, and was there all day afterwards.

I had Joel help me out with leading the charge, with my friends Manda and Lydia assisting.
They did such a good job, I'm not sure I ever need to be there!!! (Just kidding)

As I was informed, apparently the most asked question over Saturday was "Where is Heather?" and "When is Heather going to be here?"
They even drew up a sign behind the booth informing people that I wasn't going to be there on Saturday.

I found this rather amusing, and touching. Thank you all for caring enough to ask where I was!

Anyway, I also had to miss the auction after the show, which is rather upsetting, since I donated some pretty cool animals, and I like to see how it goes... But I heard they earned over $600 for USARK! That's awesome, and I am so glad to be able to help out the cause when I can.

So to go a bit more in depth as to why I have been out, I am, as I mentioned before, pursuing my Masters. As such, I have needed to take classes over due to being out of undergrad for so long... Did you know they have a time limit on some courses?

Yeah... It sucks.

So with my goals in sight, I have been putting in a majority of my off time outside of work into being a full time student. So yes, full time student, full time engineer, full time snake breeder! Something had to give... and one of those things was the blog.

I am still full time snake-ing, but the free time that I had to blog was taken up by actually taking a deep breath in between moments of craziness and/or filling it up with homework or studying.

I am at the end of the crazy, I think, and I feel as if I can stop and blog here and there now. I don't think every day will happen yet, but I think three times a week is a good start.

But, back to the show....

I was there on Sunday, and got to see a lot of people and meet some new faces. I love the shows to be able to meet those as passionate about Ball Pythons and reptiles in general as I am.

Other than that, we sold some snakes, talked some shop, and had a good old time.

I also had the opportunity to do an interview with Herp Nation about being a woman in the Reptile Industry. It was a fun time with Linda Davison of Sticky Tounge Farms, and I look forward to hearing what ends up being aired!

So with that, I'm back to the grind. I hope to have some fun things picturewise to share over the next few days. I'm on the case!

Have a great day, my friends.

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