Sunday, February 5, 2017

Life Goal Complete

So I'm sure that I am going to have to entice readers back to the blog after all this time.

It has been around two years (maybe more!!) since I had to go silent on the internet about my Ball Python exploits.

Why, do you ask?

Because I moved to North Carolina, went back to school, and got my Masters degree.

Now, I'm done. I've finished! Life goal, complete!

It's time now for me to get back on track with everything else I had to put on hold to be able to complete my education.

So, I am slowly going to be blogging again, getting my website back up to speed, as well as getting back into breeding and snake-ing again.

I realize that two years being gone has put me much more behind the curve than I once was. This has been epically true as I look at the forums, websites, and classifieds. I have a LOT to catch up on.

On top of everything, we are moving back to California. So that will be another super fun adventure that I get to deal with soon.

So, I hope that you out there in internet-land are ready to get reacquainted with me and Heather's Herps in general.

We are back, baby!

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