Thursday, February 9, 2017

MOVING... again..

So I am about two weeks out from moving back to California, again moving the collection (which has been whittled down over the last few years) across the country, but this time in the Winter.

This is not a fun thing to do, no matter what time of year, but this is even less fun with the possibility of a cold-blooded creature freezing to death during transport.

Being responsible for that many lives and counting on others (aka Shipping Companies) to maintain the perfect environment for my boxes is not something that I enjoy, as I know there are so many things that could go wrong.

BUT! It has to happen. And it happens all the time, and most of the time, there is no problem. So I'm crossing my fingers, packing up appropriately, and sending things on their way when the time comes. 

Not only is there the animals, but the racks, the incubators, and all of the extra things, including the thermostats, water bowls, tubs, etc.

It is not easy. It is not something I encourage, as it puts a strain on many resources, including your sanity.

But, all anyone can do is prepare as best as they can and make it happen.

And that, my friends, is what I am doing.

This rant, of course, is only part of the responsibilities that I have to move back to California. There is also all my regular life stuff..

Apparently I have enough clothes and shoes for a small army, as well as a lot of random things that have accumulated over the years that I forgot I even had!

Moving is a great way to purge, cause you really can't bring all of your stuff. This is what I am being reminded of as I pack up the multitudes of boxes, and post things online to sell.

So if this is motivation to you to go and clean out your closet, or to clear out your unused stuff out of your garage, I say unto you, DO IT. Do it so you won't have a ton of stuff later on to deal with while the clock is ticking.

And also, be generous. Donate it to needy causes, share with friends, give appropriately. You don't need it anymore. Someone out there does.

There you have it. I'm off to purge more.

Until tomorrow, my friends. 

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