Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy June!!!

Well, here we are... June.

It's going to be a busy month here for sure. Nothing due to hatch until the middle of the month yet, but more eggs are due, and more things to deal with!

Joel's birthday is coming up, lots of snake get togethers, and FINALLY a show here in California!!! (SUPER STOKED)

Speaking of snake get togethers, I went down to visit my friend Bryce Honstead of the Reptile Image this past Saturday. He has a great collection, and is an awesome person! I was able to see a lot of great stuff, and be the FIRST PERSON (other than him and Nicole) to see what was hatching for him....


It was an awesome opportunity, and I had a great time photographing and spending time in the facility. Here are a couple of pics I took (I didn't take the one on the Black Background)!

Had a blast, got to see a lot of other cool stuff, and really enjoyed myself.

If only I could hatch something that cool...

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