Monday, November 26, 2012

Whirlwind Vacation and What I learned

So I was out of state for the last week, doing the vacation thing with friends.

First we started out in Virginia, then Washington D.C., then New York.

Then back to California!

So here is what I learned over the last week:

  • There are awesome folks out there that breed Ball Pythons in Virginia. Specifically Virginia Beach, where there is apparently something in the water to make all snakes HUGEMONGOUS. 
  • I have tiny snakes, and I feel inadequate and need some Virginia Beach water. 
  • I need to come out of my "dark place" and get my ass in gear. Thank you for that reminder. :)
  • Oh Doo and Bacon FTW
  • Joel is now known as Mister Dude. 
  • Cool peeps live in Virginia Beach and know how to have a good time.
  • It is cold on the East Coast. We came from 80 degree weather to 50 degree highs. 
  • My best friend has very cute children.
  • Driving from one part of Virginia to the other isn't too bad...
  • The leaves do change dramatically during the Fall. (I knew this, but took pictures to show you, and of course the picture isn't that dramatic.. We were driving.)

  • Washington D.C. is pretty big!
  • Lots of cool things to do there... Two days is not even close to enough time to see it all. 
  •  It's cold... and bound to get colder.
Rooftop D.C.
Washington Monument from the Mall
Capital Building
White House
White House again
White House one more time!
Hey, Look! It's the White House!
Washington Monument
View of Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument
Washington Monument
World War II Memorial
World War II Memorial
4048 Stars, each star representing 100 soldiers who died in WWII.
View of the Washington Monument from WWII Memorial
Reflecting Pool view of Washington Monument (from the Lincoln Memorial side)
Lincoln Memorial (was very popular)
Hey Look! It's Lincoln!
HERE are some pretty leaf colors.
More pretty leaves, and the Washington Memorial.

Beautiful shades of red.

Arlington Cemetery with changing leaves
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, with Guard.
  • I felt like I didn't have enough time. Didn't get to see enough. 
  • Metro rides are not bad in the city.
  • Excellent Food in the City. Founding Farmers was a good place to enjoy some well made food.
  • Flying around the country is not my favorite thing to do. 
  • New York was damaged significantly from Sandy, but nothing that can't be fixed. 
  • It's cold there too.
  • My family is awesome, and I am blessed to have them.
  • My husband is also awesome, and traveled well in the cold, considering he is a Southern California Boy, born and raised. Snow isn't even in his vocabulary.
  • I need to stop eating so much. Thanksgiving is a great time, but it's time to lose the Lbs. 
  • Apparently, I can pass for a fifteen year old girl, as the lady in security in New York asked me if I was...
  • It is easier to understand the time difference when you experience it first hand. Three hours is a lot of time. I will take that into account when dealing with East Coast Customers. 
That is all for today. There is more, as I spent some time doing other things after getting home from the trip.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. 


Anonymous said...

welcome back! i think many collections on teh east coast are "older" and also breed their own rodents so they feed more often. im always shocked to see my friends collection of normal females that are 10+yr old all in the 5000-6,000g range and lay 10-14 eggs regularly! now we are starting to see "older" morph females that are 5+yrs old. what is your biggest female? i have a monster female when shes on feed will take THREE medium rats per week she's laid 9-10 eggs every year

the niners defense KILLED by the way

Jackie said...

Krystal has HUGEMONGOUS snakes. Probably not compared to the ones you say back east, but her collection is the same age mine is, and most of her females have 50% more weight.