Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I admit it. I'm kinda a Clown. I like making people laugh, and make people think, while being able to satirize the topic. So of course, I needed to get in to the Clown project...

I got into it rather late, more like four years ago.

I got a Het Clown male from a friend for a Birthday present back in 2007, and I then bred him to a Pastel female. I kept back all three of the females, two Pastels and one Normal.

Fast forward to two years ago, and I finally felt it was time to pick up a Clown male. I did, got an awesome reduced pattern male...

And then.. He turned gay. Homey the Clown, who I picked up in 2010, never proved to be a prolific breeder.

So then, this past season, with two years of frustrations counting on Homey, I purchased a Pastel het Clown male from another friend.

FINALLY, he did his job, and I have to say, hatching out my own Clowns has been an awesome experience!

I really like the variation of them, from busy patterns to reduced pattern... Clowns are a great morph to work with.

But, like my year, the Clowns I hatched out were primarily male.


But that's alright! I love the idea of being able to play with more Clown stuff over the next few years.

The Enchi Clown and Firefly Clown hatched out this year and are AMAZING... The Banana Clown is stunning as well. 

What combinations do you think would be good?

Let's talk Clown!


Anonymous said...

ive held a lesser clown in person its just WOW. you have alot of special and crystal stuff i think a crystal clown would be amazing!

Jackie said...

Hey Heather, do ball python eggs actually statistically r hatch out 50/50 male female? It always seems like you have more males than you want! But at this point, you've hatched so many, you probably have pretty good numbers.