Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pairings that make sense

Now that it is time again to think about pairings, I go back to the problem that I always have...

Pairings that make sense NOW or pairings that make sense LATER.

I am the type of person to set goals and work towards them for as long as it takes... Especially back in the day when Possible Hets were the only thing affordable in the Recessive game.  I bought groups of possible hets to try and prove out. I actually still have a few that have yet to be proven one way or the other.

But does that make sense now?

It is much easier now a days to find someone who has made that piece of your breeding puzzle, and all you need to do is plunk down some dollas/scrilla/scratch/cheddar or offer them a trade.

Or both.

I personally like Cheddar. It's delicious.

As I am sure that some people are infinitely more patient than I, there are people that like working with Hets. And I really respect that.

I do it, but now it has been with 100%ers.

It took me a LONG time to get into the Clown project. I made my own Possible Hets from a Het male, and proved them out over the last three years.

Back then, for me, the pairing made sense.. Het Clown to Pastel female. DONE.


I wouldn't do it. 


Resources. I have more opportunities and more animals that I can play with.

And those animals make sense.

Now I absolutely support people doing what I did back in the day if that is what you can and want to do. It is very rewarding and a great way to make sure that the possible hets are possible!

Back then, it was easier. Less options, more clear cut projects to work on.

Now, my head swims with ideas and new things to pair up and see what happens.

Still not sure what I am doing with some animals, like the Onyx.

But of course, with more resources comes more responsibility... and things to think about.

It's charting time.

And introductions to new males for the season.

Tell me: What do you plan to do, and how do you plan it?

Let's discuss...

Have a great day, my friends!

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