Friday, October 11, 2013

Sadness, Joy and Snakes

I am sad to report that AFF did not make it. 
Her swelling did not subside no matter what I tried, and she began to have seizures. As it looked like she ould not be able to have a good quality of life, we decided to put her down.  

It was the merciful thing to do, as she never did eat or move well. 

I absolutely HATE this part of the business, and I have never been able to completely come to terms with having to do it no matter how many times we have had to.

Joel helps me with this part, since there are times where I cannot deal with it alone. 

I am glad to have him.

Anyway, in an effort to stop thinking to hard about the inevitable, I took lots of pictures. It has been a few months since I have really gotten in there and took photos, so this was a refreshing change of pace.

Also, I have figured out how to play Pandora in the snake room, which makes my life in the room much more enjoyable.

Music is one of my joys as well. I sing in the snake room often, and although I can't claim that there is much in the way of benefit to the snakes, it makes me feel better about shoveling snake excrement and getting bit by little snotty snakes.

The original! The Onyx

Just sing your cares away! 

As I promised a few weeks ago, I have the original Onyx up for a photo session. I actually think I may be able to use her this year, and I have NO IDEA what to put her to. That will be fun to figure out.

Lastly, my other new joy... (kinda).

Meet Dr. Bun Bun McChubby.

She was found by a friend of mine at his work, in the botanical gardens. Apparently someone abandoned her, and he caught her and put her up for adoption.

I, being the excessive animal lover that I am, and never having had a rabbit before, jumped at the chance.

I expected to be deathly allergic to her, as I am with many many other furry creatures.

I am NOT.


So now, we have a bunny.

And Joel calls her "Doc".

Case in point:

Joel: "What's up, Doc?"
Bun Bun: ........

Also, it is amusing to note that she does not seem to like men. Different...

Anyway, that is all for the week so far.

I am looking forward to seeing the reports back from NARBC Tinley this weekend.

I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about.

Until next week, my friends.


Breanna Hunt said...

So sorry about AFF. :( She was beautiful and she was loved.

Mindy V.T. said...

So sorry about AFF!! *HUGS* AND congrats on Bun Bun!! :) FYI if you need any rabbit advice I am a former bunny whisperer! We raised rabbits :) So love reading your blog Heather! Keep the pics coming! <3

Jackie said...

I'm real sorry about AFF.

And I'm glad you'd warned us repeatedly about these things being part of breeding, because I hatched one this year. Here's Quasimodo, my kinked double het VPI snow: