Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh, to be humble...

I can't wait to be Humbled.


What do you mean, Heather?


Here it is, my friends.... My Humblebee project.

Humblebee, you say? What, pray tell, is that?

A Humblebee is a Pastel Orange Ghost Spider.

A Honey-Bumblebee.

Therefore, a Humblebee.

Yeah, I didn't name it, but... there you go!

Clutch #34 on the ground, babyyy. Not many left, but hey, I'm okay with that.

The Spider is supposed to be 100% het Ghost, but I have not seen her proven, so until then, she is a poss het! Lets hope that she is legit.

I am very excited for Humblebees. Please please please!

And let me introduce the newest addition to the brood of Heather's Herps. This guy has been a long time coming, and I finally broke down and got one to breed to all of the Hets that I have laying around.

I think I will call him Bozo.

Or maybe Homey D. Clown.

Yeah. I like Homey.

Welcome to the fray, Homey D. Clown.

And to those of you that don't understand the reference, here you go.

So yes, I finally do have a visual Clown here. YAY!

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Jackie M. said...

That is a gorgeous clown.

Eventide said...

Jackie took the words right out of my mouth!

Clowns are next on my list o' morphs to get, though I'll be getting a het female before an actual visual male...but still.... Yours is gorgeous!! I'm a big fan of reduced-pattern Clowns.