Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to it

 Yes, I am back to it, and so are the snakes and my picture taking skills. Here are a few of the pairings I have been doing over the last week, and a few pictures I managed to take. 

Here is Spotty McGillicutty, my darling bumblebee male with one of my big Pastel females. He's trying, but she's not having it yet.


And of course, my Lucky man (Mister Silver Bullet) is actually doing his buisness as well, with a Pastel female. He has been a stud so far this season, and I am trying to decide what else I want to put him with. Of course, with breeding comes the urinating before hand..  Usually the female expresses some urates and urine when first introduced to a male. It's rather odd, but more than anything, its frustrating, as I had cleaned this tub about 15 minutes before this pairing was done.


And again, my attempts at Snows. Come on, I really need one!! And the female was not really interested. Oh well. We have more time...

And last but not least, the Spider het Axanthic male with my Axanthic female. Here's to Axanthic Spiders!

So that's enough with the pairings for now. I will be touching on a few morph questions that have been piling up, as well as twin updates!

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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