Thursday, January 20, 2011


 This season is happening already, but there are a few problems that I have been having with some of the breeders. 

I don't have any Calico stuff as I had planned this year, so that is a complete loss, although I do have this very cool Pastel Calico female up my sleeve for the next few years or so.

 But what else, Heather, is happening over there?

Well... My Clown is gay. 

I have no problem with him and his life choice other than the fact that I have several poss het females and het females I would like to prove out this season that I have so far not seen any action from. 

And all because Mister Homey D. Clown decided he is scared of girls. 

This has happened here before, and sometimes all it takes is a little time and the right amount of prompting. 

So for now, he is getting a little break from everyone.

Let's hope he decides to work his magic, as I would LOVE to hatch out a few of his progeny this year. 

And I am just tickled about this gal in my arsenal. I love Spinners.. I just want to see what I can do with all of my Spiders this year. I have a bevy of them, and there are so many things to be done and so little time to do them. 
Here is one of my plans... 

Spider to Enchi. 
Wannabees, anyone? I can't wait!

What else am I planning with my Spiders?

Another attempt at Queenbees to say the least. Other than that, I'm not really sure. I'm just certain that I will have plenty of Spider stuff this season. 


Enjoy the image, plan your dreams, and have a fantastic day, my friends.

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Jackie said...

Man that is an awesome clown. Sorry on the lack of heteronormativity there.