Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How I breed

Well.. Not how I breed.... that would be completely inappropriate and downright X rated.

This is a blog about how I pair up snakes for breeding.

Get your minds out of the gutter, people.

Anyway, how do I do it?

I usually, as you could see in yesterdays blog, have a plan for who goes where...

The males get ready, and I put them in with the specific females they get. They get to spend 3-4 full days in with the females. If I see a lock with them, I take them apart sooner and give the male a break, or a new female.

So in general, 3-4 days on, 2-3 days off. I usually rotate the males once a week or so.
Females usually get at least a visit or two each month.

I allocate a male 2-4 females each, depending on the project. I have males that only get one female, however.. Just depends on the project in question.

And now on to said locks that I wait to see:

Spider het TSK Axanthic 50% Poss Het Albino male to Albino het TSK Axanthic female. Yeah, that is a mouthful, but I am all about maybe getting a Snow Spider out of the deal....

Pastel Lesser to Spider female. Queenbee attempts again this year. Lets see that it actually comes to fruition this time. 

Genetic Stripe to Het Genetic Stripe. More Stripes please!

Pastel Het Pied to Het Pied. Pastel Pieds FTW!

Spider Mojave to Pastel Yellowbelly. They are almost there in this picture, I'm pretty sure they managed to lock up at some point. 

And last but not least, Albino to Spider poss het Albino. Albino Spiders are awesome, so I can't wait to see them hatch out, if they do! Spiders het Albino are also great. I can handle that.

So there you go, my friends.

Until tomorrow, have a fantastic day!

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