Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Starting to gear up...

Usually when there are fewer and fewer babies from the season before can I actually focus more on the breeding for the year to come.

That is the case as of today.

Yesterday I cleaned up all of the tubs of babies that are now living in new homes, and I am thrilled! Not because I dislike having goo-gobs of cute baby ball pythons, but because there is less work that has to go into "baby" time.

And with less baby time needed, the more adult time can be spent, including photos and new things to approach and discuss amongst ourselves.

So with adult time comes less direct cleaning, but more thinking. These guys have been gearing up for a few years on getting big enough and ready enough to breed.


So of course, my job is to set up the play by play.

Move this male here, feed this female up a bit more... get that male in with that female since he doesn't like that one...

It sounds easy, but it really isn't.

I am always second guessing myself as to what to pair with what..

Have I shown you my list, you guys?

Yeah, I do a pre-breeding season list...

Here is a little snapshot of it...

Yeah. See all the scribbles and stuff that I couldn't decide what to do???????????

In most of my projects, that is how it works.

Scribbles upon scribbles cause I am not 100% sure what to do with some of the gals I have in the arsenal.

Which is why I turn to you all, my internet blogging buddies, cause sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on in frustration.

Not that this is an unhappy problem, really... It's just one that could harbor a bad year versus a good one in the choices of pairings that I would do.

THAT is what the problem is.

Lots to consider.

So of course, I have been moving the pairs around and right now, this is who is together:

Albino x Spider ph Albino
Sterling x Normal
Pastel Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly
Pastel Lesser x Spider
Pastel Super Mojave x Black Pastel
Pied x Het Pied
Pastel Het Pied x Het Pied
Pastel Orange Ghost x Het Ghost
Spider Mojave x Pastel Yellowbelly
Lemonblast x Pastel

.... and a few others at the moment

Granted, this is just who is in with who. Some of these pairings will not result in a lock, so lets keep our fingers crossed for some locks with these guys!

Lets make it happen.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!

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Jackie M. said...

How long do you pair for each time? And how often do you cycle the boys back in?