Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clutch #1 hatched!

So this clutch hatched on the 23rd of May, and I am very excited about this one!

This comes right after the very sad loss of my breeder Male TSK Snow... He died earlier that month.

This was the Spider het TSK Axanthic possible het Albino to my Albino het TSK Axanthic female.

I have officially proved out my Spider male to be double het for Snow!

This is exciting again, due to the loss of my Visual male. I am not completely out of the Snow game.

Four eggs went bad in this clutch.

So the count for this one was: 1.0 TSK Snow, 1.0 Spider het Albino ph TSK Axanthic, and a 0.1 Het Albino ph TSK Axanthic.

He's pretty sweet looking, and I was really hoping he was a Spider Snow, but not this time..

The brothers together. 

It's hard to get the official pattern visual on this guy, but I think it's pretty obvious in this shot and this one without flash.

So no Spider Snow, but I have high hopes to be able to do this pairing again.

So will I be keeping this little man? I don't think so... I'll just shoot for the Spider Snow again next season.

Ahhh double recessive co-dom projects.

Fingers crossed!

Have a great day, my friends!


Jackie said...

Hooray! Is this the first snow you've actually hatched yourself?

And oh no! What happened to your breeder snow? I'm so sorry to hear that, no wonder you were up and down about last month.

Heather Wong said...


This is the first Snow I have hatched myself! I am pretty stoked!
This has been four+ years coming.

The Breeder Snow decided that eating was not interesting anymore, and no matter what I could do, he just wouldn't have it.