Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clutches of the Past Month

I'm going to go thru these pretty quickly, as there are a ton, and I still have to upload them onto the main page as well. 
This female is a first time breeder...
My Pied poss Het Hypo female finally laid me some eggs, and although there are only three, I will take them.

She was bred to the Hypo het Pied male.

Fingers crossed on hitting the odds. 

This female was also a new breeder, and unfortunately for me, she didn't see the need to incubate three of the five eggs that she laid.

Pewter female to Pastel Super Mojave, five eggs, two of them already bad.

This female has been a consistent breeder for me over the years, and she, being a Het Pied, was bred to my Pastel Pied. 

This female Mojave always lays under her hide. She is one of the only critters I have that has a hide, and she manages to lay her eggs under there every year for the past two years. I have to check her doubly, and this time I caught her with her eggs within a reasonable amount of time.

Fingers crossed for some Potions this year.

I have no idea what the deal is with the roll outs, but this sucked too.. First time breeder Cinnamon female, 7 eggs, four outside her clutches. So far they are still okay, but... We shall see.

Usually when they are out of the coils, they are not good.

Yeah, I didn't take pictures of this female on eggs... I had just gotten back from my wedding, and I just wanted to put the eggs away.

My friend Tim took care of the critters while I was on a post wedding excursion, and these are the clutches that popped up.


There are six eggs in there.
 And then I got back, and there were MORE!

Black Pastel female I produced back in the day....

And this was the last clutch so far...

Two ginormous eggs... Lets hope for Twins.

So there you go. I'm off to go update the website.

Soon, I will have pictures of the newly hatched babies and junk.


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