Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adult Spider Morph Comparison

So to get my mind back on track for the blog and off of the drama, I went into my room and just sat for a while.

I fed some rodents off, but not before I saw and admired some of my adults.

And recently, I had someone ask for Bumblebee photos, so after taking those, I decided to do a (rather crappy) exposé on my adult spider combos. 

First, I took out this female, which is one of my favorite Bumblebees I have in the collection. NO SPOTS!!! 

This female is three and a half years old, and is looking lovely!

(The problem with adult pictures is that they are much harder to manipulate to being cooperative in photos)

So I decided to check on a Fire Bee and see the difference.

If you can't see it, you are blind. 

What a difference one gene makes!

The same goes for the Spinner, which is a Spider Pinstripe. I LOVE what they do to each other.

So of course, I brought out a Spinnerblast to compare with the Bumblebee as well. The Spinnerblast is just overwhelmingly brighter from the side, although greyed out on the top. The Bumblebee is yellow overall, but not as bright. 

I should be more patient with some of these adult photos. They could be much better, but these gals were NOT having it.

Maybe next time, eh?

Have a great day, my friends!

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