Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joy in the little things

So since the news of the industry having a melt down broke, I have been struggling personally with all of the personality differences we deal with in a large group of like-minded (but not really) people. 

It breaks my heart that there is so much backbiting and hurtful things said about people in the industry some times. I know most of it doesn't come out as publicly as this recent fiasco has, and I have to admit, in being human, I have said some not-so-nice things about certain people.

Some of them absolutely deserved it and I would say the same things again. 

Some of them were in the heat of the moment, and on the internet, it's there forever. 

I am ashamed that I was a part of that, and that I let my emotions get the better of me. 

But, we all hopefully grow from our mistakes and learn from them. I feel like I have become a better person from my earlier years, and I hope that most are on the same path. 

But for those who don't, for those who continue to act childish and above all discernment, those are the ones in the industry that concern me the most. 

How are we as a legitimate hobby/business/industry supposed to be taken seriously when people who act like children are at the forefront of it? 

This is not even a dig at those who lobby and represent us in politics, although it does apply...

This is about the people on the internet telling others about snakes and reptiles.
This is about the children pretending to know what they are talking about so that they look cool.
This is about the people posting irresponsible photos of animals that are taken completely out of context to misrepresent the behaviors of an already misunderstood genre.

I cringe to think of all of the damage that is done by misinformation and ignorance.

This is particularly evident in forums and groups on Facebook. 

But what can really be done? 

Take joy in the little things. 

Ignore the people who take joy in creating chaos, and enjoy what you enjoy about the industry and the hobby.

Share your joy when you feel like you can spare it.

A picture of your favorite snake, a feeding episode gone well, a snake that does actually shed in one piece. 

That is partially why I do the blog. I try and share my piece of joy when I can. 

It is therapeutic in a sense that I can get things out on "paper", and can also revisit them when I don't feel like typing out a two paragraph response about what to do for hatchlings on a forum or when someone shoots me an e-mail. 

This brings me peace of mind. 

And I can ignore (somewhat) the joy stealers. 

It's just healthier this way. 

Have a happy joy-filled day, my friends. 

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