Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pastel Mathmatics

So with photos, I have decided to show comparisons within the span of similar animals, as I have done before. I have had the opportunity to do so in the past, but this year has made it that much easier to do it again!

We are working with addition today, addition of Pastels.

Ball Python addition is fun. I hope you like math!

Here we go!

Here we have a Cinnamon Mojave, a Pewter Mojave, and a Sterling Mojave.

Cinnamon Mojave is kind of straight forward, Cinnamon + Mojave.
Pewter Mojave is a bit more complex, Pastel + Cinnamon + Mojave.
Sterling Mojave is the top of the food chain in this group, being Pastel + Pastel + Cinnamon + Mojave.

Does it make sense? It is rather obvious once you get them all together, with the most drastic changes between the first two.

Let's try it again.

Here we have a Butterbee, a Queenbee, and Killer Queenbee. 

Butterbee is not as straight forward, since "Bee" can mean Pastel Spider or just Spider... This one is a Butter + Spider. 
Queenbees are also rather complex, as they can be Butter Queenbees or Lesser Queenbees. This one is a Lesser Queenbee, which is a Pastel + Lesser + Spider.
And last but not least is that Killer Queenbee up there, which has the same path of the Queens. Can be a Butter or Lesser, and can and should be identified, but usually isn't when named. This guy is a Pastel + Pastel + Butter + Spider. 

Did you enjoy that? 

I did!

Hopefully I can do more comparison shots as well. I'm working on the Pinstripe suggestion, although this year has not been good for having all of the combos to work with. 

Have a great day, my friends!

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