Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enchi and Ghost Goodness

I was asked to do more Enchi photos, and I went into the Enchi combo group rack and pulled out a few good ones.

I missed out on Enchi Madness last photo shoot with the Pewter Enchi because she was in shed. This time, she wasn't, so I thought it would be appropriate to put her with her Cinnamon Enchi sister and see what is going on.

Together, it's like night and day. I am really intrigued about the differences between the two.

The Cinnamon Enchi is just stunning in terms of contrast and color.

The Pewter Enchi is interesting in its tones, and has a curious color variance that I look forward to seeing as it ages.

She isn't as Enchi as the Cinnamon Enchi, and I wonder if it is due to the Pastel part washing out the contrast?

We shall revisit this in a few months and see where we are at.

And here we have the Pastel Butter Enchi, and I am floored by the yellows and colors.

Peaches, purples, and yellows, all over. I LOVE IT.

Take away the Pastel, but add some Hypo and you get this guy...

Hypo Butter Enchi, and he is amazing looking.

I put him next to his Hypo Butter sister just for contrast.

Look at the difference one gene makes!

Anyway, I am also posting some stuff on Facebook on the Heather's Herps page. Go like it and enjoy some other photos there as well!

Have a great day, my friends!

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Jackie said...

I LOVE that enchi cinnamon. I never would have guessed she would be that orange.