Friday, January 11, 2013


The most challenging time in the season for me is having all of these awesome animals hatched out and hanging around the snake room, and I have no particular idea what to do with them. 

Take the two animals above. One is the Pastave Fire, or Mojave Firefly. The other is the Super Pastel Lesser Yellowbelly. 

They are both holdbacks, and I really like them (although do sometimes forget which is which briefly), but I honestly am not sure what I am planning to do with them when the time comes. 

That is the boon or the problem, depending on how you look at it. There are a million different things to do, and I am not sure what I want to do when it comes time. 

That has already been a problem with this season, as I have put everything down on paper, but still have plenty of second guessing and questions for myself.

This Lavendar Albino... 

What to do? I could make Spider Lavs, Dreamsicles, or something else awesome. It's just a matter of how I plan the project.

 Pastel Crystal? Yeah, super awesome and totally beautiful. Do I want to make more? Do I want to do something else with it? What else to do???

And then there is new project stuff, like this Solar Flare. It's on the Yellowbelly Complex, but what else do I mix with it to see what happens? 

Too many things to think about. Thank goodness it's the weekend. No thinking allowed on the weekend.

Off I go to think about things at least for today. Have a great weekend, my friends!


Amanda said...

Regardless of what you end up doing with them, they're gorgeous!

I'm better off with pets for now. I'd go nuts if I had more knowledge; best if I'm slow with all this :)

Anonymous said...

awesome holdbacks! i thought most people keep all their powerhouse females and sell the males or keep several powerhouse males. what is your strag? you have so many projects! i try to limit to say a rack for this project or two racks for this project

Jackie said...

I'll trade you some double het dreamsicles...

Actually, okay, here's a question. The piebald I'm breeding my lavender to hatched my pied clutch this year. Am I still really able to call this year's babies 100% double hets? How great are the chances of sperm retention from the year before?

Jackie said...

Sorry, to clarify: the piebald is the female. She was bred to a het pied male last year, and produced 6 eggs (5 hatched).