Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pied Combos and what makes what?

I was asked to do this at the show based on "What makes what and Why?" blog from back in 2009.

Apparently some of the historical blog posts are still helpful!

This one is going to be harder based on the fact that we need to go over recessive genetics before I continue...

Recessive Genetics 101:

Heterozygous animals are animals that carry the gene in question but do not express it. They look normal (or otherwise), but do not visually express the gene that they carry. They hold HALF of the key to making visuals.

100% het means that they are 100% certain to be carrying the gene.

66% het means that they have a 66% chance of carrying the gene. (This is created when you breed two 100% hets together). 

50% het means that they have a 50% chance of carrying the gene. (This is created when you breed a 100% het to a non carrier.)

There are lower percentage hets, but most people don't advertise or care about them beyond 50%.

So, how do you get a 100% het? You breed a visual animal to anything, and the filial generation (the babies) will be 100% het for the visual animal.

Why does this all matter when you are talking Pied Combos?

Well... Pieds are recessives.

So anything in my upcoming list will have to be 100% het Pied to actually equal the visual morphs we will be talking about.

So here we go.

 Pied x Pastel (Het Pied)= Pastel Pied
Pied x Spider (Het Pied)= Spider Pied (Spieds or "White Wedding" Pieds if all white)
Pied x Pinstripe (Het Pied)= Pinstripe Pied
Pied x Sable (Het Pied)= Sable Pied
Pied x Mojave (Het Pied)= Mojave Pied
Pied x Lesser (Het Pied)= Lesser Pied
Pied x Butter (Het Pied)= Butter Pied
Pied x Het Russo (Het Pied)= Het Russo Pied
Pied x Cinnamon (Het Pied)= Cinnamon Pied
Pied x Black Pastel (Het Pied)= Black Pastel Pied
Pied x Enchi (Het Pied)= Enchi Pied
Pied x Yellowbelly (Het Pied)= Yellowbelly Pied (Pumpkin Pied)
Pied x Het Red Axanthic (Het Pied)=  Het Red Axanthic Pied
Pied x Fire (Het Pied)= Fire Pied
Pied x Sulfur (Het Pied)= Sulfur Pied
Pied x Champagne (Het Pied)= Champagne Pied
Pied x Chocolate (Het Pied)= Chocolate Pied
Pied x Vanilla (Het Pied)= Vanilla Pied
Pied x Woma (Het Pied)= Woma Pied
Pied x Mystic (Het Pied)= Mystic Pied
Pied x Special (Het Pied)= Special Pied
Pied x Spotnose (Het Pied)= Spotnose Pied
Pied x Calico (Het Pied)= Calico Pied

And Recessive to Recessive!!

Pied (het Albino) x Albino (Het Pied)= Albino Pied
Pied x Pied = Pied
Pied (het G Stripe) x Genetic Stripe (Het Pied)= Genetic Stripe Pied
Pied (het Axanthic) x Axanthic (Het Pied)= Axanthic Pied (Lightning Pied)
Pied (het Ghost) x Ghost (Het Pied)= Ghost Pied
Pied (het Clown) x Clown (Het Pied)= Clown Pied
Pied (het Lavendar Albino) x Lavendar Albino (Het Pied)= Lavendar Albino Pied (Dreamsicle)
Pied (het Caramel Albino) x Caramel Albino (Het Pied)= Caramel Albino Pied
Pied (het Ultramel) x Ultramel (Het Pied)= Ultramel Pied
Pied (het Tri-Stripe) x Tri-Stripe (Het Pied)= Tri-Stripe Pied

I know it is not a complete list, but it is pretty thorough.

So enjoy, learn and use what you have learned to better yourself and your collection.

Have a great day, my friends!


Jackie said...

Are there calico pieds and special pieds now?

Heather Wong said...

Not yet, but this is done in theory. I'm sure they will be done very soon!

Jackie said...


Unknown said...

I have a het pied male and a pastel G strip female would this be a good pairing or should I try 2 find another make with a different morph