Monday, December 13, 2010

Things are happening

It is always refreshing to see that your hard work and planning does pan out, especially when breeding season comes about.

Pairings have been happening, but not so many locks as of yet.

But I have to say, I don't check every five minutes, so I may be missing things.

Here are two that I did catch yesterday.

Above is my Pastel het Pied with a Het Pied. I would LOVE to hatch out a few more Pastel Pieds, including some females. I'd like to bulk up my Pastel Pied group...

We shall see how that goes. The Pastel Het Pied has a date with a few other Het Pied females at this point, so we shall see... COME ON, ODDS!

And below, my beloved Albino male, the first recessive visual I owned, attempting a breeding with one of his Het girlfriends. I never get tired of hatching out Albinos, and my guy throws some awesome babies, so I can't complain!

Hopefully things will start picking up here, although this weekend we had summer temperatures, the likes of 85 degrees during the day. I hope my boys don't think it's time for a summer vacation... It needs to be winter again here soon.

Oh well.

Until tomorrow, my friends, have a fantastic day!!


rex said...

Is he the dad of my female albino??

Heather Wong said...

Yessir, Rex, he is!