Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo fun time!

Photo fun time, because I'm not sure what to touch on today.

Here are a few pictures I have taken over this week. 
This is my holdback Pastel Het Red Axanthic. I really like the pattern on these guys, and although they darken up the Pastel with the Het Red characteristics, I really think this combination is pretty awesome in its own less impressive way. 

The yellows turn a nice deep gold, darker than the bright lemons that you would see typically in Pastels.

 Speaking of bright yellows, this is my Pastel Mojave, with lots of bright yellows and side blushing. I also love the pattern typical to Mojaves, the floating circles and weird alien heads... and those curly-cues on the spine? Yeah, this one is a hottie.

And again, bright yellows.. but this time, deep oranges and purple tinges. Caramels are absolutely GORGEOUS, and I love this one too.  They only get better with age as well, so this guy is going to be stunning. They also have red pupils, which is super cool.

 And one of my Axanthics, those in which I am very proud. Axanthics are very hard to get correct colors in photos, and this one I didn't get perfect, but it is close enough, I suppose.

And this one is my Pastel Orange Ghost, and I love this morph! So much to be done with it, and so cool looking to boot! Hypos are awesome, and I have finally gotten a decent group of them together. I'm pretty happy with that, but to have them all ready to breed would be fantastic. 
Until then, I can plan and play around like I do every year. 

And of course, I'm sure you do too with your own collections. 

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends!!!


Jackie M. said...

What do het reds generally look like, and how do you pick them out of crowd?

Krystal said...

I recall asking someone the same question and they sent me this site:

I thought it was you, Heather, who sent me this, for some reason, but I honestly don't recall for sure.

Beautiful pictures of your cuties, as always!

Heather Wong said...

I don't recall linking that particular page, but I will do a similar thing on Monday for you all!

Anonymous said...

That SK Axanthic is looking pretty good!