Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breeding and hatching

 Well, a few of the babies hatched out of the two clutches that were left for the season. Since they are hatching at the same time, I put them all together. 

So far, we have 1.2 100% het Pieds, with 2 Pieds in the egg, and the rest (5 or 6 more off the top of my head) are 100% het Pieds.

One of the Pieds looks like a screamer, so lets hope its a girl!

And while waiting for the eggs to hatch, and while the rains are pouring down here in the southland, breedings are afoot. 

I caught these two locks while with the camera, so here we are. 

Here is my scarred up Female Pastel. I call her "Baby" just cause I feel so bad for her scars. They are a few years old now, but they still are scars... They will always be scars. 

But she got one of the babies too. She is being bred by my "I thought he may not be interested since he is so small" Spotnose het VPI Axanthic male. 

I look forward to having a few Pastel Spotnoses in the collection. Poss het VPI Axanthic doesn't hurt either!

And this guy is no stranger to pairing up. You all remember "Pee-Oh-Gee", right? Well, he is getting it on with one of his poss het girls (This gal is het for Albino, but yet to be proven het for Ghost. Fingers crossed!) She had been put with him before a few years back, but I don't believe he produced with her. Lets hope to see some Ghost babies in this clutch.. That way I can make the Sunglow Ball Python!

The rain isn't going to let up any time soon, so hopefully tomorrow I can get some photos of some other locks to share with you all. 

Until then, have a fantastic day, my friends!

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