Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some of the newbies

I have always wanted these morphs, and over the past few months, I actually managed to get them into the collection. I am pretty proud of myself!

This is my Pastel Calico female. She has a bit more pattern than I am used to a Calico (I prefer the Flora and Fauna line without any spots in the pattern) but I really like her! I hope to put her in with something with a reduced pattern thing, so that her spots are not an issue in the future. We have a few years to decide, however. What a joyous thing to be bothered with!

And of course, I have always loved the Powerball, so I had to get me some Spotnoses. 
They don't look like much, and its just interesting to see that my Spotnoses do in fact have spots, but more than anything, I really love the possibilities with these guys.

This gal here is also het for VPI Axanthic, which is the second line of Axanthics I am working with. I don't have any visuals at this point with the VPI line, but I have full intentions of getting a few females over the next few years. This gal has a boyfriend that is also a Spotnose het VPI Axanthic, so I hope to hit on the VPI Axanthic Powerball eventually. We shall see! 

Until then, I'll be playing with Spotnose combos possible het VPI Axanthics. 
Keep an eye out for them in the next season or so!

So there you go. I hope to be able to share a few more new morphs to the collection over the next few weeks (quarantine and all), as well as some of the baby holdbacks that are getting big. 

Until then, have a fantastic day, my friends.

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