Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twins and Pieds to boot!

So all of the Pieds are out, and they are all BOYS. Of course....

The bottom two are the twins, and the top guy hatched out the day after. 

Here are the two twins close up and personal. They detached and are doing well. Should do well after their first sheds. Food is coming, you guys! 

I am intrigued by these guys, and wonder if twins throw more twins? Would be interesting to find out, wouldn't it?

So of course as well as paying attention to the hatchlings, there are the breedings to focus on as well. 

I only caught one last night, and it is the TSK Axanthic het Albino to a Pastel poss het Axanthic. I'm really hoping to get some Pastel Axanthics this time around. Fingers crossed!


Have a fantastic day, my friends!


rex said...

Keep the twins! Keep the twins! :)

Eventide said...

Yay for Pied twins!

I'd love to make an offer for one of the twin boys, but dangit, I don't think I have room!! *cries* I'd love to start testing out the possibility of twinning being genetic. I already have one female twin Albino who was one of two sets of twins in the same clutch. Would be interesting to pair her with one of these boys.... Drat my one-bedroom house!

Jackie M. said...

K.! An albino pied project! WITH TWINS! That's, like, the best idea EVER.

Get a tank and stuff it behind the sofa or something! I'm pretty sure one of these 10 gallons is yours, and the CH ghost has been in QT long enough. You want the tank back?