Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few more YPBMC initiates

And we come to the last few males left in the rotation that are currently in with females and have yet to be seen doing anything productive. Above, we have the Bunchi het Hypo male, Butter Enchi to elaborate... He is plenty big, but has yet to show his stamina to me. Let me make a note that I am frequently not checking on him, so there may be instances where he really is doing what he is supposed to be doing, and I just miss it. This is true of ALL of the males in the YPBMC club... But until I see it with my own eyes, it didn't happen.
How's that for pessimism, eh?
And let me stress that I am not in any way coercing these males to do anything. Other than placing them in with a female, that is all I do.  I don't fight them, I don't spray them, I don't put goo on them. There are ways to try and assist in the preparation for breeding, such as misting them down, putting sperm plugs of a competing male on the female, putting in a competing male in with the current male and female... I am not interested in pursuing those avenues right now. It is the BEGINNING of the season, and I can't expect everyone to be ready as soon as I am in the room with a camera. But of course, it would be nice to see something. This Lavender Albino male I had very little hope for, just because he stopped eating for me a few months ago. But, he is producing tiny little plugs, so I put him in with a smaller Het female. No luck so far.
No big deal... I would love for him to breed, but such is the way of the breeding season. He is small. He may go, but he isn't right now. I think I may pull him out of rotation for a bit and feed him for a while, see if that helps anything. He may be this year's Homey, but with less expectations for performance. But I have a Het Male I can throw in should it be obvious after another month of no action. Lavenders this season? Yes, please! So of course, with another week almost gone, I have yet to do anything but complain. I haven't moved males yet to see if they want another female instead, I haven't done much in terms of breeding other than leaving them in there. But that is really all it takes. Rotation One should be complete this Friday, and then moving begins. And hopefully some breeding photos for you all to enjoy! Have a great day, my friends!

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