Monday, November 7, 2011

Pairing up!

Well, it rained this weekend, and I really did get up off my ass and get things done snakewise this weekend. I was shocked at how much I managed to get done with my limited free time.

Everyone is clean, and I was able to stand in the snake room and LOOK.

And by LOOK, I mean envision.

It's an artists time to shine, in pairing specific animals with each other.

So I got a group of animals on lock down, guaranteed this is what they are going to do pairings.

And I put them in together.

Some of them have never bred, so they were not doing anything... Some of them were just not interested.

But some of them, like the Mojave Spider male and the Cinnamon female, were ready to go!

This is within the first four hours of being paired up. 

Of course, this was an easy decision pairing...

Now comes the hard ones.

I have plenty of Pastel females to breed to, but what should I combine with them? What would be the best choice?

I feel like I don't have enough male breeder stuff right now, but I think that is just because I can't figure out what is the best choice for what I have left.

It's rather frustrating, really.

But I did acquire a few more animals over the weekend, and I will be introducing them sporadically thru the week.

I didn't end up attending Pasadena at all, so if anyone wants to chime in and share with us how it was, that would be great!

On to a new week! Have a great day, my friends.

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