Wednesday, November 16, 2011

YPBMC continued

And again, we discuss those in the YPBMC club.

This here is my Pastel Pied male, surpassing 700 grams with no problem, he appears to be afraid of the ladies.

He has been spending time in the corner, enjoying the look of his scales as he hides his head within his coils.

While he is a gorgeous specimen of snake, he is also not a breeding machine as of yet. Fear not, my friends. I'm sure he will get his bearings soon, but as of today, he has yet to lock with any females.

And of course, the notorious two year in a row Yet to be Proven Breeder Male Club head, Homey D. Clown.

Homey has no interest in females, to the point where I felt the need to check his parts to confirm his maleness. He is for sure a male, but I have to say, he has no interest in using his said parts for anything as of yet. I am really counting on him to do something, as he is now almost three years old, and I have several clown projects that require his services.

He is the ONE male that would make me devastated if he didn't breed this year. My clown projects have been suffering (yet the females growing) for years due to his lack of interest. I have yet to hatch out any Clowns myself, cause I am giving Homey a chance to shine.


And one male who decided to shine beyond the YPBMC club is the Super Pastel Lesser male. 

Albeit after several excrement filled moments and tail wagging, the Super Pastel Lesser male is doing his job with this Pastel Yellowbelly female. I am excited!

One crossed off the list...

Several more to introduce into the list, but hopefully to cross off soon.

Have a great day, my friends!


Jackie said...

Come on, Homey....

Eventide said...

"Afraid of the girls" - Hee hee!

It was funny watching the male G-stripe I got from you a couple years ago. The first time I tried breeding him with my het female was last month. Her hide is opaque, so I don't know if they were doing anything useful in there, but it was still hilarious to watch! The first night, he went into the hide...but I found him back outside the hide later. Then he was in the hide the next night for about a day, and then back outside again. The night I took him out, he was hiding under her water bowl! He apparently has a lot to learn about the ladies! (Though, he's clearly quite familiar with being in the dog house!)

Jackie said...

Did I show you what that pewter girl is doing with my het pied?

That's right: NOTHING USEFUL. Sigh.