Monday, November 14, 2011

My harshest critic

Bumblebee Fire

I have been playing with my new "old" Nikon D40 camera, and I have to say, I have a lot to learn! Lots more lighting issues, more background things, and more need for cropping (the view isn't as it seems on the camera versus the photos).

And of course, I am my own harshest critic.

So I am sharing with you some straight from the camera shots to see if you all have any suggestions for me?

I know I could use some help with this. It'll be interesting to figure this out, and I'm ready for the challenge. I did it with the camera I used before, and I'm going to do it for this one.

Onward ho!

Hypo Mojave

And besides the photography, I am having a hell of a time convincing myself that some of my breedings that I have outlined are the best that I can do.

I've started pairing, and so far I have not seen much action, which is not wholly concerning, but is getting me a bit bent out of shape.

Some of the males I am using are not proven breeders, and in my need to make sure that I don't have mystery clutches, should I just keep using these males, or have a backup?

Every year, I have my doubts about specific males... They continue with this years breeders as well. Remember the Clown male? Yeah, he didn't breed at all last year. And so far, he hasn't bred for me yet this year either.

Hypo Mojave

I will be introducing the new males that are involved this year (and hopefully will become proven this year) thru out the rest of the week.

But with doubt comes hesitation...

What to do???

Have a good day, my friends.

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