Friday, April 13, 2012

2011s in photos

No eggs today, and it's FrIDaY!!! I always love my weekends, as long as they aren't jam packed with stuff.

So I took some photos for the available page, as well as some available stuff for ads, and I just wanted to share them. I like these!

That Mojave Pied male is a jerk. He's drawn blood at least twice so far, and eats like a champ.
It doesn't hurt that he is gorgeous either...


And this is one of the Stingerbee males I have up. They are so attractive, but so hard to capture in photos.

Deep golds and yellows, melty spider pattern... Getting golder and golder as they age. I really am sad that I don't need the males.. and that I didn't hatch out a female.

Painful to see such an awesome morph grow and know I'm not keeping it...

Speaking of keeping, this here is my Calico female. She has been a ton of fun to watch grow... I really like how her whites are coming in. I expect that watching her over the years will be very entertaining. Many more photos to come of this little girl.

So there you have it, my friends.

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!

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Jackie said...

I have some questions. I bet you've already answered them before, though, and I've forgotten:

1st: Where do you get your acrylic displays for shows? I seem to remember one breaking on you. Is there a model that doesn't break as easily? What model would you recommend?

2nd: If you have a male that is breeding more than one girl, how often do you rotate him? Do you ever give him a break? How often does the girl really need to be with a boy to progress towards ovulation?