Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clutch #4 for 2012

This is my favorite Spider female that I own, and I produced her a few years back in an effort to make the Tarantula (aka the Blurry Spider)

I like to think I made it, but the Blurry did not end up specifically genetic, so I let it go. She is the mother to my Bumblebee Fires this past season, however, and they were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

This year, I popped her in with the Firefly once, but the Butter Enchi het Hypo got her for most of the time.

I would LOVE to see some Butter Enchi Spiders.

Fingers crossed for some good odds on that one, since hitting on it will be a feat, but it can and will be done. Eight chances, eight ways to be astounded.

This female is part of my cream of the crop program, and I can't wait to see what else she throws.

There is a boob egg in there, but it is viable. This egg more than likely will mold at the boob area, and I will catalog that for you all to see.

Here's to more eggs!

Have a great day, my friends!


Anonymous said...

great clutch! 8 eggs is good number what was her pre and post lay weight? also what is your biggest fertile clutch? i got 10 eggs last week with 1 dud she was 4000g pre and 2500g post!

Mindy VT said...

Yay for spiders! Seeing all these eggies makes me want to expand my collection Heather! I love my 2 from you so much! <3