Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love is in the air... and questions answered

It was raining today, and I caught this pair locked up in the hide. So far, this is my FAVORITE lock up photo ever.


Not because of who they are or what they are doing, but it just is such a perfect setup, and I did NOTHING but get the camera out and click.

They are totally just showing off...

This is the Pewterbee (Pastel Cinnamon Spider) male and a Mojave female. Should be an awesome pairing, and obviously they like each other enough, so fingers crossed for some cool babies out of this one. 

So let's get to the questions, shall we?

"I also have an egg in the incubator that is growing molds. Does it mean it's bad or too much humidity in the tub? Do I need to do anything? It had veins when it was layed."

A Moldy egg means that it is going bad 95% of the time. What I do in this case is that I leave it in there until I can tell that it is completely bad. This is when it starts to smell, turns green or yellow or brown all the way around.

It has nothing to do with humidity, as a good egg in high humidity will just swell up a lot (which is a sign to dry out your substrate a bit).

There are instances where eggs will mold in just a small spot. This can be due to left over stuck substrate, a bad section of egg shell, or something else minor. In this case, just wipe off the mold and let it stay there. If the mold grows back, but doesn't spread, you are fine.

When in doubt, leave the egg in there. It will not effect the other healthy eggs in the incubator unless you have a bigger incubator tub problem (too hot, variable temps, etc).

"do yu ever have a problem with the sani chips plugging up the male hemipenes? ive heard they can easily get infected"  

YES. I check my males frequently after pairings to make sure they don't have sani-chips in their cloacal regions or hemipenes. I pop them after every pairing, and every time I move them around. This ensures that I catch and remove any stray sani-chips in that area, and prevent anything else from happening. I have never had any infections at this point, but I have seen and caught several little wooden bits in the male private parts...

I hope this helps, bring on the questions, and have a great day, my friends!

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