Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Things are happenin'!

So of course, I went in to the room with my camera, and all the lock ups that I have been seeing over the past week are no longer locking up.

I did manage to catch this one above, however, which is between a Pastel het Clown male and a Possible Het Clown female. I am really really invested in seeing some Clowns this year, as I have been in the project for five years with no Clowns of my own hatching to show for it.

Fingers crossed that this female (who I produced, along with her Pastel possible het sisters) prove out. I need some Clowns, please.

This female is the mother to my Bumblebee Fires and Fire Spiders from the last season. She does tend to go earlier than most of the others, so I am anticipating her laying within the month. She was bred to the Firefly again, since they turned out so spectacular last year.

And this is one of the Bumblebee Fires that I held back.

No flash, and she is bright as all get out.

I got a bunch of other photos to share over the next few days, along with what I hope will be an update to the incubator as well as a few more new addition photos.

Fingers crossed that things get more active soon! 

Bring on the eggs!

Have a great day, my friends. 

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Jackie said...

You have GOT to get that bumblebee fire on eggs. That animal is CRAZY.