Friday, April 20, 2012


So yeah, sorry about yesterday.

It's getting closer and closer to the wedding, and things are getting more and more hectic.

I am getting married at the end of May, and as you know.. It's coming up SOON!

So... I have had do more away from snake stuff, which tends to also take me away from the computer.

Oh well.

But over the last few nights, I have been able to catch a few cool things, including this very uncomfortable Pastel female. She is ready to BLOW, and although she doesn't quite have Egg Butt Puff, it is coming SOON.

This is a good sign!

I hope that she doesn't do anything this weekend, as it is my Bachelorette party and I will be partying hardy!

So with that, I'm going to clean and prep the room so that I can be comfortable not going in there after the party.. I have a feeling I may be a little tired...

Party it up with me in your respective areas, ladies and gentlemen!

Virtual Bachelorette party!


Have a great weekend, and have a drink for me!


Anonymous said...

awesome pic... have a great time this weekend!

Jackie said...

Heather! You remember Glinda, the not-actually-a-super-pastel, but very pretty 2009 female that you sold me? The one that's sister to your super female? Six follicles in the 20mm range! 1736 grams! She's suddenly larger than my three 2008 or my 2007!

Jackie said...

(Did you survive your Bachelorette party?)