Monday, April 30, 2012

Clutch #7

Alright, so although I am not sharing everything in the snake room recently, I do breeze thru every day to check on Ovs and females and the breedings that are still happening.

On Saturday, I went thru, not expecting to see any eggs (as a lot of the females are building and or glowing), and I found Clutch #7!

She was very well coiled over them when I found her, but I wanted her to move, so I poked her a few times, moved her around a bit, and walked away to prep a few boxes.

When I got back, I took this picture.

Yeah, she was pissed.

She was bred to an Albino, and she is a proven Het. Simple!

Albinos are always good to have, and people love them. I'm glad to see this clutch and all seven eggs that she laid for me.


On to the next one, my friends.

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