Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Clutch #3 and WOOT

So of course, now that I am back, things are rocking and rolling like crazy. This little female has been a problem child for me over the past few years, and I finally managed to get her to hold on to some eggs!

Put in a Pastel Het TSK Axanthic male with her, and they were golden! So here's to five Pastel Axanthics popping out of the shells in two months.

The egg on the side rolled a bit, so I am hoping it still is viable. It looked good, but you never know.

There are two eggs of the Albino clutch that are going bad...
Sadness already. But YAY for new eggs and new chances!

And I finally got a chance to catch a few more lockups today, with the weather turning into rain tomorrow.

Here we have the Firefly male with a Pewter female. Fingers crossed for a large clutch on this one. Sterling Fires? Awwww yeah.

And of course the two males that are in ugly stuck shed style too busy to keep up with themselves...

Above we have the Spinnerblast male and a Mojave female, and below, the Super Pastel Lesser with a Spider female.

These should be excellent pairings and results. Fingers crossed!

Here's to the 2012 Season!

Have a great day, my friends!


rex said...

Congrats H!
I also have an egg in the incubator that is growing molds. Does it mean it's bad or too much humidity in the tub? Do I need to do anything? It had veins when it was layed.

Heather Wong said...


I will go over that on tomorrows blog. That's a great question!


Anonymous said...

nice lockups! do yu ever have a problem with the sani chips plugging up the male hemipenes? ive heard they can easily get infected

MVT said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY For lock ups. Ouuuu Super Pastels <3 and more! can't wait to see what you produce Heather. I think you got me addicted. XD